14 Facts About BearingPoint


BearingPoint operates in three business units: Consulting, Products, and Capital.

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BearingPoint do not have a defined headquarters, instead operating across 41 offices in 23 countries.

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BearingPoint has received a number of awards since the BearingPoint brand was transitioned to an independent European partnership in 2009.

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BearingPoint have made a number of targeted acquisitions since 2009.

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BearingPoint was late in filing its financial reports through 2007.

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In 2007, BearingPoint had differences with their major client Hawaiian Telcom.

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On 10 December 2008, BearingPoint filed a Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of the company with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware to effect a previously approved reverse stock split of the company's outstanding common stock, par value $0.

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On 13 November 2008, BearingPoint received notice from NYSE Regulation, Inc that the NYSE had decided to suspend BearingPoint's common stock from trading prior to the market opening on 17 November 2008.

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On 28 August 2009, control of BearingPoint was transferred to its European management team, with continuing operations owned by about 150 partners in 13 countries throughout Europe.

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European BearingPoint partnership has grown its revenues since becoming independent, from €441 million in 2009 to €738 million.

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Since 2009, BearingPoint has made acquisitions across the globe and formed strategic alliances with West Monroe Partners in North America, Grupo ASSA in South America, and ABeam in Asia.

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In November 2020, BearingPoint sold their regulatory technology business unit, BearingPoint RegTech to Nordic Capital for an undisclosed fee, which since has become Regnology.

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In November 2021, BearingPoint announced the spinning-off of its independent digital platform business unit, BearingPoint Beyond, which has since become Beyond Now.

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In February 2022, BearingPoint began a collaboration with SAP for carbon neutrality.

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