11 Facts About Beatrice Foods


Beatrice Foods Company was a major American food processing company founded in 1894.

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Beatrice Foods's 'Meadow Gold' brand was a household name in much of America by the beginning of World War II.

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Beatrice's Canadian subsidiary, Beatrice Foods Canada, was founded in 1969 and became legally separate from its parent firm in 1978.

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At the 87th annual Beatrice Foods shareholders' meeting on June 5,1984, stockholders of record were asked to change the name of the company.

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Beatrice Foods sought a higher public profile, adding their name to the end of their brands' television commercials, and sponsoring the Newman-Haas IndyCar and Haas Lola Formula One racing teams.

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In 1986, Beatrice Foods became the target of leveraged buyout specialists KKR and they ultimately purchased the firm for $8.

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All of the international operations were folded into a new entity called Beatrice Foods International Holdings in 1987, which was later purchased that year through junk bond financing for $985 million by Reginald Lewis, a corporate attorney, creating TLC Beatrice Foods International.

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TLC Beatrice Foods International became the largest business in America owned by an African American and the first company to reach a billion dollars in sales, with a black man at its head.

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Federal judge Walter Jay Skinner ruled that Beatrice Foods was not responsible for the contamination, although according to the book and film, based on new evidence brought forward by the EPA later found, Judge Skinner reversed his verdict and found both companies responsible.

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Beatrice Foods Canada is a Toronto, Ontario-based dairy unit of Parmalat Canada.

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The Canadian unit of Beatrice Foods was founded in 1969, and was separated from Beatrice Foods in 1978.

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