14 Facts About Beaujolais


Beaujolais tends to be a very light-bodied red wine, with relatively high amounts of acidity.

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In some vintages, Beaujolais produces more wine than the Burgundy wine regions of Chablis, Cote d'Or, Cote Chalonnaise and Maconnais put together.

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Region of Beaujolais was first cultivated by the Romans who planted the areas along its trading route up the Saone valley.

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The wines from Beaujolais were mostly confined to the markets along the Saone and Rhone, particularly in the town of Lyon.

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Beaujolais claimed that Beaujolais producers had long ignored the warning signs that such a backlash was coming and continued to produce what Mauss termed vin de merde .

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Beaujolais is a large wine-producing region, larger than any single district of Burgundy.

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Many of Beaujolais vineyards are found in the hillside on the outskirt of Lyons in the eastern portion of the region along the Saone valley.

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The southern half of the region, known as the Bas Beaujolais, has flatter terrain with richer, sandstone and clay based soils with some limestone patches.

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The following three crus produce the lightest-bodied Beaujolais and are typically intended to be consumed within three years of the vintage.

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Beaujolais wines are produced by the winemaking technique of semi-carbonic maceration.

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Basic Beaujolais is the classic bistro wine of Paris; a fruity, easy-drinking red traditionally served in 1 pint glass bottles known as pot.

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Similarly, Beaujolais is often treated like a white wine and served slightly chilled to a lower temperature, the lighter the style.

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In Beaujolais, it is traditional to soak the bottles in buckets of ice water and bring them out to the center villages for picnics and games of boules.

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In Norway, Beaujolais is a favorite with cod and bacalhau dishes.

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