10 Facts About BeleniX


BeleniX is a discontinued operating system distribution built using the OpenSolaris source base.

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BeleniX aims to have the latest stable revisions of most software, and packages are continuously pushed in the package repository with this aim in mind.

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BeleniX is focused on using KDE for its desktop environment, although Xfce has been supported since the beginning of the distribution.

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BeleniX thus is a first-class OpenSolaris development environment and is completely self-hosting.

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Every package included in BeleniX is built on BeleniX itself, including the OpenSolaris kernel.

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BeleniX aims to be an easy-to-use distribution that gently exposes the power of OpenSolaris.

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BeleniX was the first OpenSolaris distribution to bundle a complete working Xorg X11 GUI environment.

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BeleniX was the second OpenSolaris distribution to appear, after SchilliX, and the first to provide an auto-configuring Xorg based GUI.

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BeleniX team aims to ensure that all packages co-exist on the same system, while ensuring that the latest versions of the package are built with the latest compilers.

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BeleniX today uses the same Caiman Installer and libraries that are used in Sun's OpenSolaris distro.

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