25 Facts About Beren


Luthien and Beren are characters in JR R Tolkien's fantasy world Middle-earth.

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Beren was born in the Years of the Trees, according to the Grey Annals.

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Luthien's romance with the mortal man Beren is considered the "chief" of the Silmarillion tales by Tolkien himself; he called it "the kernel of the mythology".

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Beren is described as the Morning Star of the Elves and as the most beautiful daughter of the one god, Iluvatar.

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Beren was the son of Emeldir and Barahir, a man of the royal House of Beor of Dorthonion.

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Beren saw Luthien dancing under moonrise in her father's forest, and fell in love with her, for she was the most beautiful of Elves and Men.

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Beren stood in the shadows wishing to be near enough to Luthien to touch her, but Daeron, her childhood friend and partner in music and dance, noticed Beren and, believing him to be a wild animal, shouted for Luthien to flee.

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Beren ran to her, and again she tried to escape and he cried Tinuviel.

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Beren kissed her on the lips, but she slipped away and he fell into a deep sleep.

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Luthien had a vision of Beren lying suffering in the hellish pits of the Lord of Wolves, and horror weighed upon her heart.

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Beren sought the counsel of her mother who told her that Beren was captive in the dungeons of Sauron, the Dark Lord's evil lieutenant.

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Beren asked Daeron for help, but he betrayed her to Thingol.

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On her way to rescue Beren, she found Huan, the Hound of Valinor, and was taken to his master Celegorm.

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Beren pleaded with Luthien to return to her father, but she refused.

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Beren defeated them, but spared their lives at Luthien's request.

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When Luthien discovered Beren had left, she and Huan disguised themselves as Thuringwethil, the vampire servant of Morgoth, and Draugluin the Werewolf.

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Luthien and Beren fled to the gates, where Carcharoth, the greatest of Morgoth's werewolves and the guardian of the gates, attacked them.

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Beren told Thingol that the quest was, indeed, fulfilled, and that he held a Silmaril in his hand.

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Beren was attacked by the wolf; Huan leaped to his aid and killed the beast, but died soon afterwards of his wounds.

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Beren was carried to Doriath, where he died in Luthien's arms.

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Beren summoned Beren from the houses of the dead, and Luthien's spirit met his by the shores of the sea.

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Luthien and Beren dwelt together in Ossiriand until after the sack of Menegroth.

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Beren reclaimed the Nauglamir, and Luthien kept the necklace and the great jewel all her life.

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Beren is, in this earlier version, an Elf, and Sauron has not yet emerged.

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Story is told in an epic poem in The Lays of Beleriand, upon which most of the finer details of her life and relationship to Beren is extracted from in this article, since The Silmarillion provides only a generalization of the tale.

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