11 Facts About Middle-earth


Middle-earth is the fictional setting of much of the English writer JR R Tolkien's fantasy.

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Middle-earth is the human-inhabited world, that is, the central continent of the Earth, in Tolkien's imagined mythological past.

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Middle-earth is the main continent of Earth in an imaginary period of the Earth's past, ending with Tolkien's Third Age, about 6,000 years ago.

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Tolkien's Middle-earth is peopled not only by Men, but by Elves, Dwarves, Ents, and Hobbits, and by monsters including Dragons, Trolls, and Orcs.

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Middle-earth was at the centre of nine worlds in Norse mythology, and of three worlds in the later Christian version.

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Term Middle-earth has come to be applied as a short-hand for the entirety of Tolkien's legendarium, instead of the technically more appropriate, but lesser known terms "Arda" for the physical world and "Ea" for the physical reality of creation as a whole.

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In careful geographical terms, Middle-earth is a continent on Arda, excluding regions such as Aman and the isle of Numenor.

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Aman and Middle-earth are separated from each other by the Great Sea Belegaer, though they make contact in the far north at the Grinding Ice or Helcaraxe.

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Middle-earth did confirm that the Shire, the land of his Hobbit heroes, was based on England, in particular the West Midlands of his childhood.

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Middle-earth used Belgrade, Cyprus, and Jerusalem as further reference points.

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Middle-earth contains sapient animals including the Eagles, Huan the Great Hound from Valinor and the wolf-like Wargs.

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