5 Facts About Beverly Hills

1. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to lose a little glitz and glam with news that its star, Lisa Vanderpump, will not return to the reality show beyond Season 9.

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2. In July 2016, the City of Beverly Hills received the Livability Award from the United States Conference of Mayors for its Ambassador Program, which takes care of the city's homeless population.

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3. In September 2015, the City of Beverly Hills signed an agreement with the State of Israel to work together on water use as well as "cybersecurity, public health, emergency services, disaster preparedness, public safety, counterterrorism and art and culture".

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4. In the midst of the 2015 drought, Beverly Hills was found to be one of the biggest water consumers in all of California.

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5. In 1925, Beverly Hills approved a bond issue to buy 385 acres for a new campus for UCLA.

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