22 Facts About West Hollywood


West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States.

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Early in 1770 Gaspar de Portola's Mexican expeditionary force stopped just south of the Santa Monica Mountains near what would become West Hollywood to draw pitch from tar pits to waterproof their belongings and to say Mass.

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West Hollywood'srman became the location of the railroad's main shops, railroad yards, and "car barns".

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Many decades, the area that is the city of West Hollywood was an unincorporated area in the midst of Los Angeles.

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Gauntlet was a body piercing business founded by Jim Ward in West Hollywood that is considered the first business of its type in the United States and was the beginning of the body piercing industry.

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When Los Angeles County began planning to discontinue rent controls, West Hollywood was a densely populated area of renters, many of whom would not be able to afford to keep up with the generally rapid raises in rent in the Los Angeles area.

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West Hollywood is bounded by the city of Beverly Hills on the west, and by neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles: Hollywood Hills on the north, Hollywood on the east, the Fairfax District on the southeast, and Beverly Grove on the southwest.

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West Hollywood has a subtropical-semi-arid climate with year-round warm weather, although winter nights are cool.

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Christopher Street West is an LGBT pride parade and festival that was first held in June 1970 in Hollywood to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York.

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West Hollywood is in close proximity to Runyon Canyon Park's hiking trail and dog park in Hollywood.

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West Hollywood has many ongoing programs to celebrate the vibrant arts and unique culture of the city.

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In 1984, West Hollywood became one of the first pro-gay municipality regions in the country, with traditions and their recognition of acceptance recognized by locals and visitors.

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West Hollywood has become one of the world's top gay vacation spots for LGBT travelers and is at the center of gay California nightlife, including spas, shopping and dining.

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West Hollywood was the first city in the country to have a city council with a majority of gay members.

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West Hollywood is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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All of West Hollywood is zoned to Fairfax High School; some areas are jointly zoned to Fairfax High School and Hollywood High School.

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In June 2018, the City of West Hollywood launched a new free shuttle service called The Sunset Trip.

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Fire protection in West Hollywood is provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

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West Hollywood seeks to address the health needs of residents who do not have adequate insurance by subsidizing the LA Free Clinic and The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

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In 1989, actor Christian Slater was arrested in West Hollywood for leading the police on a drunken car chase that ended when Slater crashed his car into a telephone pole.

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West Hollywood was convicted only of criminal trespass, having pleaded no contest in exchange for other charges being dropped.

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In 1985, West Hollywood was the first city to create a same-gender domestic partnership registration for its residents, as well as to offer same-gender domestic partner benefits for city employees.

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