12 Facts About BGAN


The value of BGAN terminals is that, unlike other satellite Internet services, which require bulky and heavy satellite dishes to connect, a BGAN terminal is about the size of a laptop and thus can be carried easily.

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The main two that apply to basic BGAN usage are the Standard Background IP and Telephone Voice.

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BGAN can be easily set up by anyone and has excellent voice calling quality.

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The BGAN terminal needs to find its position using GPS before it can negotiate with the satellite, so a clear view of the sky is necessary, to begin with.

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The average pointing time for a BGAN unit is 2 minutes, under a minute with an experienced user and a good signal.

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BGAN is being used in the world today for disaster response, telemedicine, business continuity, remote site monitoring, military use, and recreational use.

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Some BGAN terminals have both so that users can make either type of phone call.

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Standard + Plus BGAN service introduced by Inmarsat in May 2017 provides unlimited Internet use for a low fixed monthly price using consumer-grade routing.

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BGAN M2M Service, launched in February 2012, is a low-bandwidth service for remote SCADA or M2M equipment monitoring and control.

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BGAN Link, launched in March 2012, is for fixed locations that require 5 to 30 Gigabytes of data transferred per month.

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Service fees with BGAN Link are far less than standard BGAN service, making this service more comparable to VSAT satellite dish services.

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One advantage of BGAN terminals is their low power usage, much less than satellite dish systems that use 90 to 150 watts when idle or transmitting.

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