33 Facts About Bill Downing


Bill Downing was so unpopular that even members of his gang couldn't stand him.

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Bill Downing was in trouble with the law when he came to Arizona Territory, with a Texas Rangers posse in pursuit.

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Once he settled down, he sent for his wife, Linda Bill Downing who was a native of Texas.

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Bill Downing never spoke about his relationship with the Bass gang.

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Bill Downing was hired to work in the Esperanza Ranch, which was known for hiring rustlers, outlaws and renegade Apaches.

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However, there was a particular person whom Downing did not like and that was William S “Slim” Traynor.

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Traynor, who went by the name of "Bill Downing Traynor", was a native of Tennessee who at onetime had been an outlaw, mine guard and a veteran Rough Rider campaigning in Cuba during the Spanish-American War under the command of Theodore Roosevelt.

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Bill Downing was hired by Edwin Russell Hooker, a cattle inspector, to look after his father, Henry Hooker, Sierra Bonita range interests.

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Bill Downing suspected Downing of stealing cattle and re-branding them.

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Some witnesses say that Bill Downing came in after Traynor, while others claim that Bill Downing was already in the saloon.

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Witnesses to the events that followed stated that when Bill Downing walked in, Traynor dropped his right hand as if going for his gun.

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Bill Downing continued to state that he found the pistol loaded with five cartridges and one empty chamber.

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Bill Downing sent the posses in all directions except the right one.

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Bill Downing fired his gun and shot Jack Dunlap despite the fact that he himself was wounded with a bullet on his left arm between the shoulder and elbow which shattered the bone and left his arm useless.

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Bill Downing shot Deputy Marshal George Bravin in the foot, and freed the gang members who were in the jail, with the exception of Downing.

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Jury foreman L A Smith announced before Judge George Russell Davis that even though the jurors believed that Downing was guilty of train robbery, they refused to return a guilty verdict.

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Bill Downing was assigned a number, inmate number 1733, just like any other prisoner.

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Bill Downing's leg became infected and swollen while he was in prison.

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Mrs Bill Downing was an attractive lady who was in poor health.

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Mrs Bill Downing eventually found herself alone and in need of money.

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Bill Downing served a total of seven years in prison and was finally released for good behavior.

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Bill Downing returned to Willcox upon his release from prison and opened a saloon which he named the Free and Easy Saloon on the corner of Maley Street.

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Bill Downing was known as one to defy the law and he hired prostitutes who were highly skilled pickpockets.

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Wheeler received word that Bill Downing had threaten to kill any officer who interfered with him.

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Bill Downing had some problems with Cuco Leal, a prostitute who lived in his saloon.

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Bill Downing went to the office of Constable Snow to complain and to ask that she be removed from his saloon.

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Bill Downing stated that he will kill Speed when the time is right.

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Bill Downing then ran into the Ranchman's Corral Saloon, whose owner was George McKittrick, a rival of Downing.

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Bill Downing decided that he would show up in Judge Page's office to discuss the Leal situation.

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Bill Downing got up to go and at the same time left his gun behind.

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Bill Downing did not notice that Ranger Speed was accompanying the constable.

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Bill Downing thought that the constable would come in through the front door and decided to leave the saloon through the back exit.

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The Ranger ordered him to surrender but, Bill Downing made a gesture as if he was reaching for his gun, forgetting that he had left his weapon in the saloon.

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