17 Facts About Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a British anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker.

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Black Mirror can be seen to demonstrate a negative view of unending pursuit of scientific and technological advancement.

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Academics writing in Quarterly Review of Film and Video found that Black Mirror episodes fall into a genre of "mind-game films", wherein protagonists are disoriented and narratives are non-linear or fragmented.

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The final episode of the fourth series "Black Mirror Museum" includes references to every prior episode of the series.

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Some writers believe that Black Mirror episodes are set in a shared universe, due to the abundance of Easter eggs, or tonal and thematic connections across the programme as a whole.

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Black Mirror initially described the programme's setting as an "artistic universe" or "psychologically shared universe".

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Black Mirror wrote video game reviews for PC Zone in the late 1990s and began writing television reviews for The Guardian and making television in the 2000s.

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Black Mirror aimed to explore "the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time".

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Black Mirror would write with advertisement breaks in mind, as motivation to reach the next break, and so that he could insert some cliffhanger to make the audience return.

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Black Mirror wrote some material while standing up, as the slight discomfort discouraged time-wasting; he said that the first draft, the "vomit draft", was always terrible, but had to be written.

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Black Mirror tried to picture the finished episode while writing and sometimes ran while listening to music as a source of inspiration.

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Black Mirror was first made available in the US from November 2013 via DirecTV, where episodes aired on Audience and were available online.

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Black Mirror conceived of an episode based on the earlier script "Inbound" which would have been similar to the later "Men Against Fire".

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Black Mirror began writing in July 2016 and continued throughout the 2016 United States presidential election, telling Digital Spy that he did not know what demand there would be for "nothing but bleak nihilism" and thus included "more hope" than in previous series.

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Black Mirror said in 2017 that there were no plans for a sequel episode to "San Junipero".

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At the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, Black Mirror received three nominations with two wins, including Outstanding Television Movie for "San Junipero".

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Soulmates was created by William Bridges, a writer for two Black Mirror episodes, and Georgina Campbell—who has a starring role in "Hang the DJ"—is a main character in one episode.

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