15 Facts About Black Terror


Black Terror was the most popular superhero in Nedor's stable, and appeared in a quarterly solo comic book as well as the lead feature in America's Best Comics and Exciting Comics until 1949.

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Some Black Terror stories were written by Patricia Highsmith before she became an acclaimed novelist.

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Black Terror used these powers to fight crime with his sidekick, Tim Roland, together known as the "Terror Twins".

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Black Terror would operate as an over-the-top vigilante, now just called the "Terror".

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Black Terror had no superpowers or any connection to the original character.

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Black Terror is defeated by a time travelling version of his original self, the Black Terror.

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Black Terror can be seen with many other notable Golden Age characters, including Daredevil, Miss Masque, the Green Lama, the Face, the Phantom, the Fighting Yank, and Samson, who headlines the book.

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Black Terror was one of several Golden Age characters to appear in the comic book series Project Superpowers, by writer Jim Krueger and artist Alex Ross.

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Black Terror was the first in the series to get a spin-off series, written by Krueger with art by Mike Lilly.

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Black Terror again had a solo series in 2019 entitled Black Terror which consisted of 5 issues unrelated to his previous Dynamite versions.

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One of these Golden Age heroes is the Black Terror, who is currently on death row for first degree murder.

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Writer Curtis Lawson has stated that the story keeps the original Black Terror's history mostly intact and that his new Black Terror is a Legacy Hero.

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In 2011, Eric M Esquivel and Ander Sarabia created a version of The Black Terror called "The Blackest Terror", who is more of an urban revolutionary, obsessed with social justice, than a status-quo-enforcing superhero.

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Blackest Terror appears in their book Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, published by Moonstone Books.

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Black Terror appears alongside other Golden Age superheroes in the independent film Avenging Force: The Scarab.

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