16 Facts About Blessed Virgin


Blessed Virgin is mentioned in the Quran more often than in the Bible, where two of the longer chapters of the Quran are named after her and her family.

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Blessed Virgin is said to have miraculously appeared to believers many times over the centuries.

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Blessed Virgin is often referred to by the honorific title, meaning "Our Lady"; this title is in parallel to, used for the prophets.

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Blessed Virgin is called, meaning "one who has been purified" and representing her status as one of two humans in creation to not be touched by Satan at any point.

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Blessed Virgin's death is not recorded in the scriptures, but Orthodox tradition, tolerated by Catholics, has her first dying a natural death, known as the Dormition of Mary, and then, soon after, her body itself being assumed into Heaven.

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Blessed Virgin is considered to be an outstanding example of a life dedicated to God.

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Blessed Virgin held fast to the belief that Mary was a perpetual virgin and Mother of God.

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Blessed Virgin's views are intimately linked to his Christocentric theology and its consequences for liturgy and piety.

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Blessed Virgin considered the Roman Catholic practice of celebrating saints' days and making intercessory requests addressed especially to Mary and other departed saints to be idolatry.

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Blessed Virgin Mary holds a singularly exalted place in Islam, and she is considered by the Quran to have been the greatest woman in the history of humankind.

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Blessed Virgin is mentioned in the Quran as the daughter of Imran.

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Blessed Virgin became man by the Virgin, in order that the disobedience which proceeded from the serpent might receive its destruction in the same manner in which it derived its origin.

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Blessed Virgin birth of Jesus was an almost universally held belief among Christians from the 2nd until the 19th century.

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The term Ever-Blessed Virgin is applied in this case, stating that Mary remained a virgin for the remainder of her life, making Jesus her biological and only son, whose conception and birth are held to be miraculous.

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Belief that the body of the Blessed Virgin was not interred on earth, but was taken to heaven, has deprived them of all pretext for manufacturing any relics of her remains, which otherwise might have been sufficiently abundant to fill a whole churchyard; yet in order to have at least something belonging to her, they sought to indemnify themselves for the absence of other relics with the possession of her hair and her milk.

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Indeed, had the Blessed Virgin been a wet-nurse her whole life, or a dairy, she could not have produced more than is shown as hers in various parts.

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