10 Facts About Blitzkrieg


Blitzkrieg as used by Germany had considerable psychological, or "terror" elements, such as the Jericho Trompete, a noise-making siren on the Junkers Ju 87 dive-bomber, to affect the morale of enemy forces.

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Blitzkrieg did not go into detail about tactics or suggest that the German armed forces had evolved a radically new operational method.

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Blitzkrieg's book offers scant clues as to how German lightning victories might be won.

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Blitzkrieg's opinions appeared in his book Vers l'Armee de metier .

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MacGregor and Williamson remark that Rommel's version of Blitzkrieg displayed a significantly better understanding of combined-arms warfare than that of Guderian.

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Blitzkrieg is vulnerable to an enemy that is robust enough to weather the shock of the attack and that does not panic at the idea of enemy formations in its rear area.

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Blitzkrieg had been called a Revolution in Military Affairs but many writers and historians have concluded that the Germans did not invent a new form of warfare but applied new technologies to traditional ideas of Bewegungskrieg to achieve decisive victory.

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Blitzkrieg was not a doctrine, or an operational scheme, or even a tactical system.

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Blitzkrieg consisted of an avalanche of actions that were sorted out less by design and more by success.

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Blitzkrieg developed Plan 1919 for massive, independent tank operations, which he claimed were subsequently studied by the German military.

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