59 Facts About Bob Knight

1. Bob Knight fires a blank shot from a starter's pistol at Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Russ Brown.

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2. Bob Knight stands at midcourt and swears at Big Ten commissioner Wayne Duke over what Knight calls "the worst officiating I have seen in 12 years.

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3. Bob Knight is ejected and suspended for one game by Big Ten commissioner Wayne Duke.

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4. Bob Knight refuses to comment on the book and vows never to speak to Feinstein again.

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5. Bob Knight pulls his team off the floor during the second half of a game vs the Soviet National Team because he doesn't like the officiating.

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6. Bob Knight is inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

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7. Bob Knight bars a female Associated Press reporter from the lockerroom, saying it is inappropriate for her to be in there and against university policy.

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8. Bob Knight kicks at his son Patrick during a game vs Notre Dame.

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9. Bob Knight is ejected after receiving three technicals on Senior Night vs Illinois.

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10. Bob Knight is accosted by a diner in a restaurant after Knight supposedly made an offensive comment.

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11. Bob Knight bids farewell to Indiana University on Sept 13, saluting cheering students and urging them to forget about the freshman Kent Harvey, who played a part in the coach's firing.

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12. Bob Knight is featured in TV ads for And1 sports apparel.

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13. Bob Knight tells Indiana Pacers coach and former IU player Isiah Thomas on Sept 27, "I'd be there in a heartbeat", if Thomas asks him to help coach the Pacers, but he'd prefer to stay in college coaching.

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14. Bob Knight said he never accepted the school's "zero-tolerance" policy, and that he should have heeded the advice of his wife, Karen, to leave Indiana six years ago.

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15. Bob Knight made it clear that you were either with him or against him.

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16. Bob Knight was not someone to change to accommodate changing times.

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17. Bob Knight was on the wrong side of changes in the broader culture.

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18. Bob Knight was becoming more isolated, less happy, and less measured with each underachieving season.

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19. Bob Knight seemed to grow crankier by the year, and a string of coveted Indiana kids decided against heading to Bloomington.

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20. Bob Knight was routinely undone by what should've been minor grievances.

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21. Bob Knight had begun his ESPN gig in 2008, an odd career move for a man who once described basketball media work as "one or two steps above prostitution.

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22. Bob Knight abruptly resigned from Texas Tech in February 2008 and turned his coaching duties over to his son, Pat.

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23. On January 1, 2007, Bob Knight won his 880th career game, breaking Dean Smith's record for all-time NCAA Division I men's basketball coaching victories.

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24. In 1984 Bob Knight coached the US men's basketball team to a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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25. Bob Knight was an immediate success at Army because of his coaching philosophy, which stressed discipline, unselfish play, and relentless man-to-man defense.

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26. Bob Knight played basketball and football in high school, and he was a reserve on the Ohio State University national championship basketball team in 1960.

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27. Bob Knight led the US Olympic team to a gold medal in 1984.

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28. In 1971, Bob Knight took a position with Indiana University, fulfilling his childhood dream of coaching at a Big Ten school.

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29. Bob Knight graduated from high school and decided to attend Ohio State University, where he participated in the team's 1960 National Championship victory.

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30. Bob Knight has two sons from his first marriage, Tim and Pat.

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31. Bob Knight kept Indiana in the running for the Big Ten title on an annual basis into the 1990s, but school support of his authoritarian style gradually eroded.

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32. Bob Knight moved to Indiana University in 1971, where he made his mark by installing a lockdown defense.

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33. Bob Knight retired from coaching in 2008 with 902 career wins.

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34. At the rally, Bob Knight called Trump "a great defender of the United States of America".

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35. Bob Knight raised nearly $5 million for the Indiana University library system by championing a library fund to support the library's activities.

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36. In 1988, Bob Knight married his second wife, Karen Vieth Edgar, a former Oklahoma high school basketball coach.

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37. Bob Knight married the former Nancy Falk on April 17, 1963.

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38. In 2009, Bob Knight produced three instructional coaching DVD libraries—on motion offense, man-to-man defense, and instilling mental toughness—with Championship Productions.

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39. Bob Knight made an appearance in a TV commercial for Guitar Hero: Metallica with fellow coaches Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino, and Roy Williams, in a parody of Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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40. In 2008, Bob Knight appeared in a commercial as part of Volkswagen's Das Auto series where Max, a 1964 black Beetle interviews famous people.

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41. Bob Knight made a cameo appearance as himself in the 2003 film Anger Management.

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42. Bob Knight has appeared or been featured in numerous films and television productions.

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43. Bob Knight was inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame and the Indiana Hoosiers athletics Hall of Fame (Class of 2009).

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44. On November 17, 2006, Bob Knight was recognized for his impact on college basketball as a member of the founding class of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

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45. Bob Knight was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991.

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46. Bob Knight was an innovator of the motion offense, which he perfected and popularized.

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47. Bob Knight has thus far rebuffed all attempts to bring him back to Indiana University.

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48. The younger Bob Knight had said that after many years of coaching, his father was exhausted and ready to retire.

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49. Bob Knight quickly improved the program, which had not been to an NCAA tournament since 1996.

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50. Bob Knight accepted the head coaching position at Texas Tech, although his hiring was opposed by a faculty group that was led by Walter Schaller.

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51. In 1984 Bob Knight led the US national team to a gold medal in the Olympic Games as coach of the 1984 basketball team.

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52. In 1979 Bob Knight guided the United States Pan American team to a gold medal in Puerto Rico.

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53. Immediately after the game, Bob Knight lamented that "it should have been two.

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54. Bob Knight graduated with a degree in history and government in 1962.

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55. Bob Knight continued at Ohio State in 1958 when he played for Basketball Hall of Fame coach Fred Taylor.

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56. Bob Knight was born in 1940 Massillon, Ohio, and grew up in Orrville, Ohio.

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57. Bob Knight remains "the object of near fanatical devotion" from many of his former players and Indiana fans.

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58. Bob Knight received National Coach of the Year honors four times and Big Ten Coach of the Year honors eight times.

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59. Bob Knight is best known as the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers from 1971 to 2000.

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