19 Facts About Bradenton Florida


Josiah Gates along with his family and eight slaves would move to the area where present day Bradenton Florida exists in January 1842 after being attracted to the area for its natural beauty.

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Bradenton Florida would build his home near present-day 15th Street East and his inn at another location naming it Gates House.

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Bradenton Florida is named after Dr Joseph Braden, whose nearby fort-like house was a refuge for early settlers during the Seminole Wars.

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The following year, Bradenton Florida was designated the county seat after DeSoto County was formed from eastern Manatee County, as the then county seat, Pine Level, was in the new county.

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Bradenton Florida would be incorporated on May 19,1903, with 59 voting in favor of incorporating and 34 voting against it.

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Bradenton Florida operating the line would have financial difficulties likely due to a lack of ridership and would cancel the line in 1906.

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Manatee would face similar financial problems as Bradenton Florida did in regards to their bonds and faced high debt levels as a result but Manatee could not pay off the bonds.

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Bradenton Florida would create quality housing for black residents along with paving streets, bringing sewage service, water, and expanded garbage collection services to black neighborhoods.

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Bradenton Florida would get a new city hall located on 15th Street West bordering Wares Creek in January 1970 as a replacement to their location on 13th Street West which the city has used since 1913.

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Bradenton Florida would stay in the Manatee County School District's Administration building then located at the corner of 9th Avenue and 14th Street for a week before being threatened with a $10,000 fine per day if he continued to stay in the building and was unsuccessful with preventing bussing.

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Bradenton Florida is a principal city of the North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton Florida metropolitan statistical area, which had a 2018 estimated population of 821,573.

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Bradenton Florida was significantly affected by the United States housing market correction, as reported by CNN, projecting a 24.

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Bradenton Florida is served by Sarasota-Bradenton Florida International Airport and is connected to St Petersburg by the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

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WWSB channel 40, the local ABC affiliate, is based in Sarasota, but has a transmitter in Parrish, northeast of Bradenton Florida; it is seen on cable channel 7 on most cable systems in the area.

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Bradenton Florida is home to the Village of the Arts, a renovated neighborhood immediately south of downtown where special zoning laws allow residents to live and work in their homes.

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Bradenton Florida was the oldest manatee in captivity, and likely the oldest manatee in the world.

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Bradenton Florida is the spring training home of Major League Baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates who play their home games at downtown's LECOM Park.

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Bradenton Florida is home to the IMG Academy, the home of the USU-17 residential soccer program.

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Concession Golf Club in Bradenton Florida was home of the 2015 NCAA Division I Men's Golf Championship.

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