10 Facts About Brigham Young University


Brigham Young University is a private research university in Provo, Utah.

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Brigham Young University had not received a high school education until he was forty.

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Brigham Young University was succeeded by Howard S McDonald, who received a doctorate from the University of California.

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Brigham Young University believed one of the school's greatest strengths was its religious nature and that this should be taken advantage of, rather than hidden.

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Brigham Young University was one of several key college leaders who brought about the creation of the Mountain West Conference, which BYU's athletics program joined — BYU previously participated in the Western Athletic Conference.

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Brigham Young University operates under 11 colleges or schools, which collectively offer 194 bachelor's degree programs, 68 master's degree programs, 25 PhD programs, and a Juris Doctor program.

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Brigham Young University has been highly ranked in many measurements of universities.

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Brigham Young University Honors is the highest distinction BYU awards its graduates.

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Brigham Young University Ambassadors are a song and dance performing group with a 50-year history at BYU.

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Brigham Young University produces a weekly newspaper called The Universe, maintains an online news site that is regularly updated called The Digital Universe and has a daily news program broadcast via KBYU-TV.

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