6 Facts About Brittany

1. Since the early 1970s, Brittany has experienced a tremendous revival of its folk music.

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2. In 2012, the population in Region Brittany was estimated to 3,195,317 and Loire-Atlantique had around 1,303,103 inhabitants, thus historical Brittany's population can be estimated at 4,552,918, the highest in its history.

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3. Since then, the region of Brittany has had its own council and administrative bodies.

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4. The new Brittany had four departements, and Loire-Atlantique formed the Pays de la Loire region together with parts of Anjou, Maine and Poitou.

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5. In 1956, Brittany was legally reconstituted as the Region of Brittany, although the region excluded the ducal capital of Nantes and the surrounding area.

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6. At the beginning of the medieval era, Brittany was divided between three kingdoms, Domnonea, Cornouaille and Broerec.

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