45 Facts About Bromsgrove


Bromsgrove is a town in Worcestershire, England, about 16 miles northeast of Worcester and 13 miles southwest of the Birmingham city centre.

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Bromsgrove is first documented in the early 9th century as Bremesgraf.

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At the time of Edward the Confessor the manor of Bromsgrove is known to have been held by Earl Edwin, who became Earl of Mercia in 1062.

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Bromsgrove is sited at the centre of a very large parish, with its church, St John the Baptist, standing at a prominent point in the local landscape.

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Bromsgrove was one of the smallest urban settlements in the county, and had no formal status as a borough.

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Bromsgrove benefited from sales to travellers, for instance of beer, bread, horsebread, meat and cheese.

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Church court records show that Bromsgrove had an urban underclass, including prostitutes and beggars.

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Bromsgrove did not play a major military role in the English Civil War, although it was a town involved in the support of the Trained Bands, the system of local militias used for law enforcement.

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In 1642, as preparations for war were made, Parliament surveyed the capabilities of the trained bands and documented that Bromsgrove had a store of munitions including 10 barrels of powder.

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Bromsgrove was confined to his house, banished from the county and finally imprisoned for his non-conformism.

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Bromsgrove did return to Bromsgrove, where he was annually visited by Hall's son, an Anglican bishop.

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Bromsgrove was licensed as a Congregationalist teacher in 1672 in Bromsgrove and died in 1699.

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Near Charford, Moat Mill served as a flour mill with five grindstones until around 1913, and the Lint Mill, at what is South Bromsgrove High School was a corn and worsted mill.

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Nailmakers in Bromsgrove lived in slum conditions in small cottages in courtyards off the High Street, and in Sidemoor and Catshill.

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Industry lasted longer in Bromsgrove, being the dominant occupation in the town through the most of the 1800s due to lack of alternative work.

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When Bromsgrove's nailers were offered the old prices, they returned to work, despite the fact that the Black Country nailers had not received the same offer, which caused much resentment.

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The Bromsgrove nailers continued to pay into the strike fund, however.

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Plans to add a link to Bromsgrove were dropped once the railways started to meet local transport needs instead.

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Bromsgrove introduced a number of innovations, in the face of a board that was intent on severe cost cutting, by presenting many of the needs he had as means to save money, which often they were.

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Bromsgrove persuaded them to allow him to build a house to his own design, which stood by the old Bromsgrove station.

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Expansion of Bromsgrove's population resulted in church building and restoration projects.

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Bromsgrove was home from 1898 to 1966 to the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts, a company of craftsmen who produced many fine works of sculpture, ironwork, etc.

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The M42 motorway joining the A38 at the north end of Bromsgrove was opened in 1987 and in December 1989 the link to the M5 was opened.

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Bromsgrove constituency was last represented by Labour by Terry Davies, who defeated Conservative Hal Miller as the result of 10.

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Bromsgrove was succeeded by Roy Thomason, who was censured by the House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges for failing to declare loans made to him.

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Bromsgrove decided not to re-stand after the local Conservative Association opened nominations to other candidates.

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Bromsgrove did not contest the seat in 2010 following the Westminster expenses scandal, in which she was found to have over-claimed by £29,243.

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Bromsgrove has its own youth branch of Conservatives called Bromsgrove Conservative Future, a Labour Party and Labour club and Liberal Democrat Party.

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Bromsgrove is home to Grafton Manor which dates back to the 14th century.

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Many of Bromsgrove's residents find employment in Birmingham, Redditch, Worcester and other places along the motorway network.

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Bromsgrove is still home to LG Harris Ltd, a paint brush and decorator's tool manufacturer in Stoke Prior.

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Bromsgrove has a public community library situated in the centre of the town.

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Bromsgrove is intersected by the A38 which was bypassed to the east of the town in 1980, the M5 motorway borders the west side and the M42 motorway starts at the north of the town.

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Bromsgrove stated that fewer passengers were travelling on the service into Birmingham and the section was no longer viable.

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Bromsgrove is located on National Cycle Route 5 of the National Cycle Network.

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Bromsgrove has 15 first schools in its district: Lickey End First School, Finstall First School, Charford First School, Dodford First School, Milfields First School, St Peters Roman Catholic First School, Stoke Prior First School, Blackwell First School, Sidemoor First School, Catshill First School, Tardebigge CofE First School, Fairfield First School, Hanbury CofE First School and Meadows First School.

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South Bromsgrove is a specialist school in foreign languages and I T, noted for its extensive use of information technology.

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Bromsgrove is home to Bromsgrove School, a co-educational independent school founded in 1553 with three campuses catering for pupils from nursery to sixth-form that offers boarding facilities.

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Bromsgrove is the main site of Heart of Worcestershire College, formerly North East Worcestershire College until 1 August 2014 following a merger.

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Worcester and Birmingham Canal which runs close to Bromsgrove, is a destination for leisure activities such as walking and coarse fishing and there are several narrowboat hire centres situated in nearby villages.

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Bromsgrove is close to the countryside attractions of the Lickey Hills, the Clent Hills, the Waseley Hills.

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Bromsgrove is host to a centre for the arts, Artrix, located on Slideslow Drive.

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Since 1960, Bromsgrove has held an annual classical music festival, with an international reputation.

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The Bromsgrove Society is a charity formed in 1980 to protect the built and natural environment of the town.

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Bromsgrove has a Rotary Club formed in 1936 and chartered in 1937.

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