32 Facts About Bruce Timm


Bruce Walter Timm was born on February 5,1961 and is an American artist, animator, writer, producer, and director.


Bruce Timm is best known for contributed to building the modern DC Comics animated franchise, most notably as the head producer behind Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.


Outside of animation, Bruce Timm has drawn and written several comic books.


Bruce Timm was born on February 5,1961, in Oklahoma, the third of four brothers.


Bruce Timm's father was an engineer and his mother worked for the phone company.


Bruce Timm began drawing from a young age and developed a serious interest in comics around age 12 or 13.


Bruce Timm went to college for only one year before dropping out due to bad grades.

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Bruce Timm applied in mid-1980, but wasn't offered the job and went back to working for Kmart.


Bruce Timm passed the layout test on his second try and from that point on began working in animation.


Bruce Timm worked for numerous other employers, including Ralph Bakshi and Don Bluth Productions, and attempted to find work at Marvel Comics and DC Comics, but was unsuccessful.


In 1987, he was hired by John Kricfalusi to do layouts for Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, which Bruce Timm called "artistically and creatively the most fulfilling job that I'd had in the animation business" up to that point.


Bruce Timm worked at DIC Entertainment on The Real Ghostbusters for one season in 1988, then joined Warner Bros.


Bruce Timm was one of the creators and producers of the animated series based on various DC Comics superheroes, known as the DC Animated Universe.


Bruce Timm served as producer on the feature-length Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker before taking the helm as creator and producer of the animated version of Justice League, which debuted in November 2001; the series continued in the form of Justice League Unlimited in July 2004.


Bruce Timm was the producer and creator of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.


Bruce Timm created virtually all the original character designs for Batman: The Animated Series himself, with the exceptions of Mr Freeze and the Riddler, who were designed by Mike Mignola, and the characters Man-Bat and the Mad Hatter, who were designed by Kevin Nowlan.


Bruce Timm shared character designer duties on Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League with James Tucker.


In 2013, following the release of The Dark Knight Returns animated feature, Bruce Timm stepped down as DC animation supervising producer; James Tucker was named as his replacement.


Bruce Timm was a writer and executive producer for Batman and Harley Quinn.


Bruce Timm worked with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder in creating a 75th anniversary short of Superman in 2013.


Bruce Timm has played several characters in the animated series he has been involved in.


Bruce Timm subsequently appeared in an animated form in the 2009 episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Legends of the Dark Mite", in a comic book convention parody scene, in which he wore Joker's costume, alongside Paul Dini in Harley Quinn's costume.


Bruce Timm played a guard in the 2000 direct-to-video animated film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.


Bruce Timm made a cameo appearance in the 2009 film Green Lantern: First Flight as Bug Boy.


Bruce Timm played The Riddler in the 2010 film Batman: Under the Red Hood and appeared as Galius Zed in the 2011 film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

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Bruce Timm won the same Eisner prize the next year as well, for Batman Adventures Holiday Special, with Dini, Ronnie del Carmen, and others.


Later, Bruce Timm was involved with Batman Adventures and has worked on Avengers and Vampirella.


Bruce Timm co-created Harley Quinn, working from Dini's original design.


Bruce Timm provided the art work for a short two-page Harley Quinn origin story for Dini's Countdown in 2008.


Bruce Timm was featured in "Conan Gets Animated", a skit in the December 9,2010, episode of the TBS late night talk show Conan, in which host Conan O'Brien enlisted his help in designing a new superhero, based on O'Brien's specifications.


In 2012, Timm released a book of erotic art, "Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm," showcasing more than 300 pencil, line, and full color erotic drawings of women.


Bruce Timm is self-taught, having never received any formal art schooling.