29 Facts About Paul Dini


Paul McClaran Dini is an American screenwriter and comic creator.


Paul Dini has been a producer and writer for several Warner Bros.


Animation in early 2004, Paul Dini went on to write and story edit the first season of the ABC adventure series Lost.


Paul Dini wrote the storylines for the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City video games.


Paul Dini has written a number of comic books for DC Comics.


Paul Dini was born on August 7,1957 in New York City to Patricia and Robert Dini, an advertising executive.


Paul Dini attended Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California on an art scholarship.


Paul Dini attended Emerson College in Boston, where he earned a BFA degree in creative writing.


Paul Dini later returned to the Star Wars universe in 2007 to script several episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Paul Dini was the writer for the episode "Heart of Ice", which redefined Mr Freeze as a tragic character and won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program.


Paul Dini continued working with WB animation, working on a number of internal projects, including Krypto the Superdog and Duck Dodgers, until 2004.


Paul Dini has earned five Emmy awards for his animation work.


Paul Dini won the same Eisner prize the next year as well, for Batman Adventures Holiday Special, with Timm, Ronnie del Carmen, and others.


Paul Dini has written several comics stories for DC Comics, including an oversized graphic novel series illustrated by painter Alex Ross featuring Superman, Batman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League.


In 2002, Paul Dini created Sheriff Ida Red, the super-powered cowgirl star of a series of books set in Paul Dini's mythical town of Mutant, Texas.


Paul Dini collaborated with Kevin Smith on Clerks: The Animated Series.


In 2006, Paul Dini was on the writing staff for the first season of the ABC adventure series Lost.


Paul Dini co-wrote a draft script for the ill-fated Science Ninja Team Gatchaman movie, which never saw the light of day and resulted in him leaving the project.


Paul Dini wrote a series for Top Cow Productions, based in a character he created, Madame Mirage.


Paul Dini returned to Batman animated adaptations to write the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Legends of the Dark Mite".


Paul Dini penned the storyline for the Rocksteady Studios video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, released on August 25,2009.


Paul Dini is the main creator of the live action drama Tower Prep Cartoon Network series.


Paul Dini worked with Rocksteady studios to create Batman: Arkham City, which was a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Paul Dini wrote a five-issue comic series set in the game continuity.


Paul Dini did not write the storyline of the third Rocksteady game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight, due to the company not wanting to hire freelance writers for future games.


Paul Dini wrote the script for Bloodspell, an original graphic novel starring Black Canary and Zatanna.


Paul Dini performed rewrites on Disney's dark fantasy film Maleficent.


In September 2020, DC Comics announced that Paul Dini would be among the creators of a revived Batman: Black and White anthology series to debut on December 8,2020.


Around this time, Paul Dini began an extensive weight loss and exercise regimen which combined dog obedience training.