26 Facts About Calamity Jane

1. Calamity Jane died on August 1, 1903, from pneumonia and inflammation of the bowels.

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2. Calamity Jane married Clinton Burke, with whom she had a daughter Jesse, who was given out on adoption.

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3. Calamity Jane became a thorough woman and adventurous and mostly travelled to gold mining areas.

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4. Calamity Jane was born on May 1, 1852, in Princeton, Missouri to as the eldest child of six by Robert Wilson Canary and Charlotte M Canary.

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5. Calamity Jane is most known for her adventurous, fearless, and tomboyish character.

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6. Calamity Jane came back to Deadwood in 1899, searching for funds for her daughter's education.

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7. Calamity Jane left Deadwood in 1880 and drifted around the Dakotas and Montana.

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8. Calamity Jane presented evidence that Calamity Jane and Wild Bill had married at Benson's Landing, Montana Territory on September 25, 1873.

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9. Calamity Jane certainly earned her nickname during her lifetime, but even she couldn't have predicted what was going to happen when she traveled to the Pan-American Exposition as a part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West variety show in 1901.

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10. Calamity Jane made sure she was buried next to Wild Bill Hickok because, as she claimed, it was what they both wanted.

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11. Calamity Jane made her way to Deadwood, South Dakota as a member of the 1875 Newton-Jenney Party.

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12. Calamity Jane finally met her maker in the summer of 1903.

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13. Calamity Jane claimed in her biography that Wild Bill Hickok was only free to marry Agnes Lake because Jane herself gave the OK.

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14. Calamity Jane gained a lot of her notoriety as a frontierswoman in America due to her time with Wild Bill Hickok, who was a venerable Renaissance Man of the Old West.

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15. Calamity Jane worked for Dora DuFran in Deadwood at the very first "cathouse" in Deadwood.

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16. Calamity Jane was like to show compassion and kindness to other people.

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17. Calamity Jane is the central character in Larry McMurtry's book Buffalo Girls: A Novel, and in the 1995 TV adaptation of the same name, Jane is played by Anjelica Huston, with Sam Elliott as Wild Bill Hickok.

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18. Calamity Jane is a central character in Pete Dexter's novel Deadwood.

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19. Calamity Jane was portrayed by Sylvie Testud in the 2009 French movie Lucky Luke.

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20. Calamity Jane was played by Jane Russell in the 1948 comedy The Paleface.

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21. Calamity Jane was played by Frances Farmer in the 1941 Western The Badlands of Dakota.

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22. In 1881, Calamity Jane bought a ranch west of Miles City, Montana along the Yellowstone River, where she kept an inn.

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23. In late 1876 or 1878, Calamity Jane nursed the victims of a smallpox epidemic in the Deadwood area.

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24. Calamity Jane does seem to have had two daughters, although the father's identity is unknown.

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25. Calamity Jane was involved in several campaigns in the long-running military conflicts with Native Americans.

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26. Calamity Jane was the eldest of six children, having two brothers and three sisters.

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