12 Facts About Camille Doncieux


Camille-Leonie Doncieux was the first wife of French painter Claude Monet, with whom she had two sons.

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Camille-Leonie Doncieux was born in the town of La Guillotiere, now part of Lyons, France, on 15 January 1847.

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Camille Doncieux moved with his wife Leonie-Francoise Doncieux and daughter to Paris, near the Sorbonne, early in the Second French Empire .

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Camille Doncieux's met Monet, seven years her senior, in 1865 and became his model posing for numerous paintings.

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Camille Doncieux's was Monet's mistress, living in poverty at the beginning of his career.

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Camille Doncieux's was left behind in Paris without funds for her care.

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In Paris on 8 August 1867, Camille Doncieux gave birth to Jean, her first son with Claude Monet.

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Camille Doncieux returned to Paris at the end of the year for the holidays and stayed in the cold one-room apartment that Camille shared with Jean.

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Camille Doncieux left his bride and son to go to Le Havre to visit his ailing father and then on to England, "presumably" with money given to him by his father.

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Camille Doncieux became ill after the Hoschedes family came to live with the Monets.

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Camille Doncieux's died of pelvic cancer on 5 September 1879 in Vetheuil.

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Camille Doncieux's modeled for her husband on several occasions, including for the painting Camille, which received critical acclaim at the Paris salon and earned him 800 francs when sold to Arsene Houssaye.

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