10 Facts About Canada Company


Canada Company was a private British land development company that was established to aid in the colonization of a large part of Upper Canada.

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Canada Company assisted emigrants by providing good ships, low fares, implements and tools, and inexpensive land.

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Canada Company first settled in York but selected Guelph as the company's headquarters, and his home.

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Canada Company surveyed and subdivided the massive Huron Tract, built roads, mills, and schools and advertised lots for sale to buyers in Europe.

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Canada Company then assisted in the migration of new settlers, bringing them to the area by means of a steamboat, which the company owned, on Lake Ontario.

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In 1833, his colleague William "Tiger" Dunlop took over as Superintendent of the Canada Company and continued Galt's work for a short time before resigning.

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On that date, the formal structure of the Canada Company was put into place by the company's Court of Directors.

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Canada Company had been the chaplain of a Catholic Scottish Glengarry regiment.

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In 1919, the Canada Company issued quit claims on such claims, vesting the mineral rights to the Crown.

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Canada Company voted to wind up its affairs on August 12,1953, and was dissolved on December 18,1953.

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