19 Facts About Cardiff Castle

1. Cardiff Castle is a historic Castle right in Cardiff city centre, which made a nice view from the window of my hotel room, across the way at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff on Kingsway, where my view was directly opposite the castle with so many welsh flags waving high.

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2. Cardiff Castle passed through marriage to Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Worcester in 1414.

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3. Cardiff Castle became the base of the lords of Glamorgan, governing the county on behalf of the English crown for the next 450 years.

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4. Cardiff Castle escaped potential destruction by Parliament after the war and was instead garrisoned to protect against a possible Scottish invasion.

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5. Cardiff Castle remains the permanent connection to the Capital of Wales' past, present and future, a jewel in the crown of the city which sprang from it.

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6. Cardiff Castle is an essential part of civic and national identity, originally manifested through a Bute-sponsored civic culture.

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7. Cardiff Castle was remodelled as a residence in the 15th century by Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick in 1430.

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8. Cardiff Castle is steeped in more than 2,000 years of history.

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9. In 1947, Cardiff Castle was turned over to the care and trust of the people of the city, and Cardiff City Council maintains the site in outstanding condition.

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10. Cardiff Castle passed through the hands of many noble families until in 1766, it passed by marriage to the Bute family.

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11. Cardiff Castle walls featured the air raid shelters during the war.

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12. Cardiff Castle is one of Wales' leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance.

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13. Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Cardiff Castle said while she felt some sympathy for the two players, the correct steps were taken to reprimand them.

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14. Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Cardiff Castle said while she felt some sympathy for the two players, the correct steps were taken to.

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15. Cardiff Castle will conduct a review of the season which will be completed before Christmas.

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16. Cardiff Castle said while she felt some sympathy for them, the correct steps were taken.

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17. Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Cardiff Castle has backed the decision to stand down Kurtley alerted coach Michael Cheika on Tuesday about a breach of team protocol at the squad's hotel in Cardiff earlier this month.

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18. Cardiff Castle was repeatedly involved in the conflicts between the Anglo-Normans and the Welsh, being attacked several times in the 12th century, and stormed in 1404 during the revolt of Owain Glyndwr.

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19. Cardiff Castle is a medieval castle and Victorian Gothic revival mansion located in the city centre of Cardiff, Wales.

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