7 Facts About Carolina Kostner

1. In November 2016, Carolina Kostner announced her intention to return to competitive skating with Alexei Mishin as her coach.

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2. In January 2015, Carolina Kostner received a 16-month suspension from competition for lying about the location of her ex-boyfriend Alex Schwazer, reportedly to help him conceal his use of an illegal performance-enhancing hypobaric chamber machine and to help him avoid a drug test.

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3. In January 2014, Carolina Kostner announced she had changed her competitive programs.

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4. On 1 December 2012, Carolina Kostner announced on her website that she would be competing in the 2012 Golden Spin of Zagreb.

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5. At the 2011 Worlds in Moscow, Carolina Kostner was sixth in the short program but won the bronze medal after a personal-best free skate.

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6. In 2011, Carolina Kostner said that her bad experience at the Olympics led her to question whether she should continue skating, but that she came to realize that she loved skating.

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7. At the 2008 Worlds, Carolina Kostner won the short program and placed third in the free skate, winning the silver medal overall.

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