24 Facts About Chan Sung Jung

1. Chan Sung Jung was born in 1980s, in the middle of Millennials generation.

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2. At the age of 20, Chan Sung Jung was introduced to mixed martial arts, and made his professional debut soon after.

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3. Chan Sung Jung was born in South Korea on a Tuesday, March 17, 1987.

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4. Chan Sung Jung's fought at the WEC 48 and lost against Leonard Garcia despite the loss Jung Vs Garcia was named Fight of the Night in April 2010.

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5. Chan Sung Jung began his career as a professional fighter on 24th June 2007 with a match against Hyung-Geol Lee at the SSF-Super Sambo Festival.

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6. Chan Sung Jung is living an extravagant life which is contradictory to his younger self.

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7. Chan Sung Jung stands tall at the height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 66kgs.

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8. At the age of 30, Chan Sung Jung has an athletic body and a charming persona.

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9. Chan Sung Jung spent his childhood days in Phang before he settled in Seoul with his family.

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10. Chan Sung Jung was born on March 17, 1987, in Pohang, South Korea.

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11. Chan Sung Jung is the only South Korean fighter in history to challenge for a UFC title.

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12. Chan Sung Jung returns to competition for the first time in 21 months and fights for just the second time since August 2013.

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13. Chan Sung Jung announced on social media he is expecting a third child with his wife.

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14. Chan Sung Jung lost the fight via knockout in the final seconds of the fifth round.

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15. Chan Sung Jung announced in mid-October 2014 his intention to begin his stint for mandatory military service in his home country of South Korea.

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16. Chan Sung Jung won the bout via KO at seven seconds of the first round, which tied a UFC record for fastest knockout.

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17. Chan Sung Jung lost the fight via knockout due to a head kick in the second round.

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18. Chan Sung Jung made his American and WEC debut against Leonard Garcia on April 24, 2010 at WEC 48 losing by an extremely controversial split decision.

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19. On June 7, 2009, it was announced Chan Sung Jung would face American Matt Jaggers at Sengoku 9 in a reserve bout for the tournament with the winner stepping in as a replacement should some of the remaining fighters be unable to continue.

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20. Chan Sung Jung made his professional debut in June 2007 and in December the same year he won a Lightweight Tournament arranged by Pancrase Korea.

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21. Chan Sung Jung was a participant in a show called Street Fighter in 2007 which aired on South Korean cable television.

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22. At age of 20, Chan Sung Jung began mixed martial arts and made his professional debut soon after.

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23. At the age of 18, Chan Sung Jung joined South Korean Navy and started training Taekwondo.

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24. Chan Sung Jung trained in kickboxing until his junior year of high school.

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