40 Facts About Jose Aldo

1. Jose Aldo was officially awarded the UFC belt on 20 November, 2010.

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2. Jose Aldo met his wife, Vivianne Perreira, in a Rio de Janeiro gym when he was 16.

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3. Jose Aldo is often pictured wearing the blue of the Premier League leaders.

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4. Jose Aldo was born on 9th September 1986, in Manaus, Brazil.

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5. Jose Aldo is the only two-time UFC featherweight titleholder in history and one of seven overall in company history to have two reigns in a single weight class.

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6. Jose Aldo competes in a three-round fight for the first time in his UFC career and first time overall since WEC 41 in June 2009.

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7. Jose Aldo had not lost a fight since May 20th, 2006 until he came up against an Irish bloke who possessed one of the best left hands in the game.

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8. Jose Aldo is married to Vivianne Perreira, who has a purple belt in jiu-jitsu and has fought twice professionally in Muay Thai.

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9. Jose Aldo has trained Muay Thai with Dutch shootboxer Andy Souwer since his fight with Mark Hominick.

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10. Jose Aldo is known primarily for his Muay Thai style striking and leg kicks, coupled with defensive wrestling.

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11. Jose Aldo was scheduled to face Ricardo Lamas on December 16, 2017, at UFC on Fox: Lawler vs dos Anjos.

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12. Jose Aldo faced interim featherweight champion Max Holloway in a title unification bout on June 3, 2017, in the main event at UFC 212.

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13. Jose Aldo faced McGregor in a title unification match on December 12, 2015, at UFC 194.

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14. On February 1, 2014, at UFC 169 Jose Aldo defended his title by defeating Ricardo Lamas by unanimous decision.

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15. Jose Aldo was expected to face Anthony Pettis on August 3, 2013, at UFC 163.

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16. Jose Aldo had his second title defense against Kenny Florian on October 8, 2011, at UFC 136, where he won by unanimous decision.

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17. Jose Aldo made his first title defense against Mark Hominick on April 30, 2011, at UFC 129 by defeating the Canadian by a unanimous decision in a bout that earned Fight of the Night honors.

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18. Jose Aldo was forced to withdraw from UFC 125 after suffering a neck injury.

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19. Jose Aldo defended his title against Manvel Gamburyan by KO at 1:32 of the second round on September 30, 2010 at WEC 51.

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20. Jose Aldo faced former title holder Urijah Faber on April 24, 2010 at WEC 48.

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21. Jose Aldo was the recipient of Fighter of the Year accolades for 2009 from both MMA Live and Sherdog.

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22. Jose Aldo won his fight on June 7, 2009 at WEC 41 against Cub Swanson via double flying knee eight seconds into the first round.

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23. Jose Aldo made his debut for mixed martial arts promoter World Extreme Cagefighting on June 1, 2008 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.

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24. Jose Aldo took Maruyama down almost at will with trips and body-locks; whereas Maruyama failed in all his attempts to get Aldo to the mat.

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25. Jose Aldo rebounded in his next fight against the then-undefeated Thiago "Minu" Meller at Gold Fighters Championship I on May 20, 2006, winning a unanimous decision in a very close fight.

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26. Jose Aldo quickly gave up his back and rolled into the ropes.

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27. Jose Aldo raised his hips up looking for triangles and other submissions, but Azevedo easily defended.

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28. Jose Aldo defeated Young just 1:05 into the first round by TKO.

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29. Jose Aldo defeated Silverio with soccer kicks, 8:33 into the first round.

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30. Jose Aldo landed two knees to the chin of Barbosa in the opening seconds of the fight, sending him to the canvas where Aldo swarmed with punches.

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31. Jose Aldo spent the next several years jumping from organization to organization.

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32. Jose Aldo took de Paula down in the clinch early on in the fight.

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33. Jose Aldo fought fellow Brazilian Hudson Rocha, in his second fight for Shooto Brazil.

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34. Jose Aldo fought fellow countryman and newcomer Mario Bigola, whom he defeated by knockout in just 16 seconds into the first round.

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35. At the age of 17, Jose Aldo moved from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro having only his clothes with him and determination to train mixed martial arts there until he achieved something in the sport.

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36. Jose Aldo invited Aldo to try one session of jiu-jitsu and after the session, Aldo decided to leave capoeira to start training jiu-jitsu.

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37. Jose Aldo used to train capoeira on the streets after the classes, once gaining attention of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer.

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38. Jose Aldo was born on September 9, 1986, in Manaus, Brazil.

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39. Jose Aldo was named Sherdog's 2009 Fighter of the Year.

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40. Jose Aldo is a former three-time UFC featherweight champion overall, having been the undisputed champion twice and the interim champion once.

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