52 Facts About Sacramento


Sacramento is the capital city of the U S state of California and the seat and largest city of Sacramento County.

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Sacramento is the seat of the California Legislature and the Governor of California, making it the state's political center and a hub for lobbying and think tanks.

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In 1839, Juan Bautista Alvarado, Mexican governor of Alta California, granted the responsibility of colonizing the Sacramento Valley to Swiss-born Mexican citizen John Augustus Sutter, who subsequently established Sutter's Fort and the settlement at the Rancho Nueva Helvetia.

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Sacramento is the fastest-growing major city in California, owing to its status as a notable political center on the West Coast and as a major educational hub, home of California State University, Sacramento and University of California, Davis.

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Similarly, Sacramento is a major center for the California healthcare industry, as the seat of Sutter Health, the world-renowned UC Davis Medical Center, and the UC Davis School of Medicine.

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Sacramento is known for its evolving contemporary culture, and is dubbed the most "hipster city" in California.

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Residents of Sacramento adopted a city charter in 1849, which was recognized by the state legislature in 1850.

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Between October and December of 1850, Sacramento was hit with a cholera epidemic that killed 1000 residents, including Mayor Bigelow and 17 of the city's 40 physicians.

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Sacramento effectively controlled commerce on these rivers, and public works projects were funded through taxes levied on goods unloaded from boats and loaded onto rail cars in the historic Sacramento Rail Yards.

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From 1862 until the mid-1870s, Sacramento raised the level of its downtown by building reinforced brick walls on its downtown streets, and filling the resulting street walls with dirt.

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Sacramento County is served by a customer-owned electric utility, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District .

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The Nationalist Chinese flagship docked at the Port of Sacramento, being first ocean-going vessel in Sacramento since the steamship Harpoon in 1934.

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In spite of military base closures and the decline of agricultural food processing, Sacramento has continued to experience population growth in recent years.

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Sacramento has long been known as the "City of Trees" owing to its abundant urban forest.

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Sacramento has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, characterized by very hot, dry summers and cool winters with a decent amount of rainfall.

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In February 1992, Sacramento had 16 consecutive days of rain, resulting in an accumulation of 6.

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On rare occasions, monsoonal moisture surges from the Desert Southwest can bring upper-level moisture to the Sacramento region, leading to increased summer cloudiness, humidity, and even light showers and thunderstorms.

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Sacramento is the second most flood susceptible city in the United States after New Orleans.

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Port of Sacramento has been plagued with operating losses in recent years and faces bankruptcy.

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The California Automobile Museum, just south of Old Sacramento, is filled with automotive history and vehicles from 1880 to 2006 and is the oldest non-profit automotive museum in the West.

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Sacramento area has one of the largest collections of community theatres in California.

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Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission is an organization that was established as the Sacramento arts council in 1977 to provide several arts programs for the city.

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Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk is a program of local art galleries that stay open into the late evenings every second Saturday of each month, providing a unique experience for the local population as well as tourists to view original art and meet the artists themselves.

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Sacramento is home to the Wide Open Walls Festival where artists from across the world have added more than 140 murals across the city since the festival's inception in 2016.

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Sacramento is home to one of California's oldest Latino cultural centers, the Latino Center of Art and Culture The Latino Center of Art and Culture was founded in the early '70's by activist Chicano students to combat racism and instill pride in the Chicano community.

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Sacramento has a reputation as a center for Dixieland jazz, because of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee which was held every Memorial Day weekend until 2017.

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Sacramento has been host to the four day Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park since 2012.

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Note, Sacramento has been home to various actors, including Eddie Murphy, who resided in the Riverlake community of Pocket-Greenhaven with his then wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy, a fashion model and Sacramento native.

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Sacramento's Chinatown was on "I" Street from Second to Sixth Streets.

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Newspapers such as The Sacramento Union wrote stories at the time that portrayed the Chinese in an unfavorable light to inspire ethnic discrimination and drive the Chinese away.

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In 2012, Sacramento started the marketing campaign as "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital" due to Sacramento's many restaurants that source their food from the numerous surrounding farms.

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Sacramento is home to well-known cookbook authors, Biba Caggiano of Biba's Restaurant and Mai Pham of Lemongrass and Star Ginger.

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Sacramento is home to one major league sports team – the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

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Sacramento is the former home of two professional basketball teams.

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Sacramento was formerly home to the now defunct Sacramento Monarchs of the WNBA.

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Sacramento has frequently hosted the NCAA Men's Outdoor Track and Field Championship as well as the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship.

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Sacramento is both the capital city of California and the county seat of Sacramento County.

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Government of Sacramento operates as a charter city under the Charter of the City of Sacramento.

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The campus, taught by main campus professors, Sacramento-based professors, and practitioners in the State Capitol and state agencies, offers Master of Public Administration, Masters of Public Policy, and Master of Public Health degrees.

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Western Seminary has one of its four campuses in Sacramento, which opened on the campus of Arcade Church in 1991.

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The Sacramento campus offers four master's degrees, and a variety of other graduate-level programs.

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Art Institute of California – Sacramento was established in 2007, and is a branch of The Art Institute of CaliforniaLos Angeles.

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Universal Technical Institute is in Sacramento; it offers automotive programs in auto mechanical, auto body, and diesel.

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The Sacramento area is served by various public school districts, including the Sacramento City Unified School District, Natomas Unified School District, San Juan Unified School District, Twin Rivers Unified School District, and Elk Grove Unified School District.

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The Campus Commons area and the small portions of the Sierra Oaks neighborhood that fall into the city of Sacramento are served by the San Juan Unified School District.

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Sacramento is a control city and the region is served by several highways and freeways.

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California State Highway 99 runs through Sacramento, heading closer to the eastern edge of the Central Valley, connecting to Marysville and Yuba City in the north, and Fresno and Bakersfield in the south.

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Sacramento is the northern terminus of the Amtrak California San Joaquins route which provide direct multiple-frequency passenger rail service to California's Central Valley as far as Bakersfield; Thruway Motorcoach connections are available from the trains at Bakersfield to Southern California and Southern Nevada.

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Sacramento is a stop along Amtrak's Coast Starlight route which provides scenic service to Seattle via Klamath Falls and Portland to the north and to Los Angeles via San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to the south.

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Sacramento has the second busiest Amtrak station in California and the seventh busiest in the country.

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Sacramento is expected to serve as the northern terminus of the California High-Speed Rail system.

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Sacramento was designated as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists in September 2006.

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