11 Facts About San Luis Obispo

1. San Luis Obispo is painted white and is surrounded by gardens, wine vineyards, and a fountain.

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2. On Wednesday, the San Luis Obispo Planning Commission revisited the work done in the last year to address it.

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3. San Luis Obispo has a number of housing projects in development that include affordable housing.

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4. One of the cultural focal centers of San Luis Obispo is the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center built on the Cal Poly campus, which was constructed utilizing the donations of local businesses and individuals.

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5. San Luis Obispo is home to California Polytechnic State University, a public university enrolling 22,188 students as of Fall 2017.

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6. San Luis Obispo experiences a cool Mediterranean climate.

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7. San Luis Obispo is a seismically active area; there are a number of nearby faults including the San Andreas Fault.

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8. San Luis Obispo is on the West Coast of the United States and in the Central Coast of California.

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9. San Luis Obispo is located on US Route 101 about 31 miles north of Santa Maria.

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10. San Luis Obispo was a popular stop when people are on the way to Los Angeles.

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11. San Luis Obispo once had a burgeoning Chinatown in the vicinity of Palm St and Chorro Street.

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