10 Facts About Chandran Rutnam


Chandran Rutnam is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Film Location Services which mostly hosts foreign films to be shot in South and South East Asia.


Chandran Rutnam has worked with Sir David Lean, Sir Carol Reed, John Boorman, George Lucas and Regis Wargnier.


Chandran Rutnam wrote the screenplay, produced, directed and edited the film The Road from Elephant Pass, which was a Finalist Award Winner at the New York International Television and Film Awards in 2011.


Chandran Rutnam wrote the adapted screenplay and produced and directed, A Common Man which starred Sir Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross.


Chandran Rutnam was the founder of Lionair, a defunct Sri Lankan airline, and owns the Asian Aviation Centre, an aeronautical engineering and flying academy.


Chandran Rutnam lived in Los Angeles, California for 38 years and now resides in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Chandran Rutnam is a brother of Jayam Rutnam, the founder of the Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California.


Chandran Rutnam was a school boy when David Lean arrived in Sri Lanka to shoot his Second World War epic, The Bridge on the River Kwai.


Chandran Rutnam later moved to the United States and attended the film school at the University of Southern California and the San Fernando Valley College of Law.


Chandran Rutnam dreamt of making a mark in the aviation field.