39 Facts About Chatsworth House


Chatsworth House is a stately home in the Derbyshire Dales, 3.

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Name 'Chatsworth House' is a corruption of Chetel's-worth, meaning "the Court of Chetel".

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Chatsworth House ceased to be a large estate, until the 15th century when it was acquired by the Leche family who owned property nearby.

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Chatsworth House selected a site near the river, which was drained by digging a series of reservoirs, which doubled as fish ponds.

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Chatsworth House lodged in the apartment now known as the Queen of Scots rooms, on the top floor above the great hall, which faces onto the inner courtyard.

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An accomplished needlewoman, Bess joined Mary at Chatsworth House for extended periods in 1569,1570, and 1571, during which time they worked together on the Oxburgh Hangings.

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Chatsworth House left England for the safety of the continent and his estates were sequestered.

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Chatsworth House reconstructed the principal rooms in an attempt to make them more comfortable, but the Elizabethan house was outdated and unsafe.

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Chatsworth House had been a friend of the family for nearly 70 years, having taken a job tutoring the 2nd Earl shortly after graduating from St John's College, Cambridge in 1608.

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Chatsworth House was forced to retire to Chatsworth during the reign of King James II.

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Chatsworth House enjoyed building and reconstructed the East Front, which included the Painted Hall and Long Gallery, followed by the West Front from 1699 to 1702.

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When Devonshire House was sold and demolished in 1924, the furniture was transferred to Chatsworth.

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Chatsworth House decided the approach to the house should be from the west.

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Chatsworth House had the old stables and offices as well as parts of Edensor village pulled down so they were not visible from the house, and replaced the 1st Duke's formal gardens with a more natural look, designed by Lancelot "Capability" Brown, which he helped bring into fashion.

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Chatsworth House took over several rooms in the house to contain the entire libraries he was purchasing at auction.

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People invited to stay at Chatsworth House spent their days hunting, riding, reading and playing billiards.

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The guest bedrooms on the east front at Chatsworth House are the most complete set from the period to survive with their original furnishings.

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In 1920 the family's London mansion, Devonshire Chatsworth House, which occupied a 3-acre site in Piccadilly, was sold to developers and demolished.

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The Great Conservatory in the garden at Chatsworth House was demolished, as it needed 10 men to run it, huge quantities of coal to heat it and all the plants had died during the war, when no coal had been available for non-essential purposes.

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Some of those used as barracks were badly damaged, but the 10th Duke, thinking that schoolgirls would make better tenants than soldiers, arranged for Chatsworth House to be occupied by Penrhos College, a girls' public school in Colwyn Bay, Wales.

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Chatsworth House was married to Deborah Mitford, one of the Mitford girls, sister to Nancy Mitford, Diana Mitford, Pamela Mitford, Unity Mitford and Jessica Mitford.

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Chatsworth House sold tens of thousands of acres of land, transferred Hardwick Hall to the National Trust in lieu of tax, and sold some major works of art from Chatsworth.

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The Chatsworth House Estate is managed by the Trustees of the Chatsworth House Settlement, established in 1946.

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Chatsworth House took on many additions to the gardens, including the maze, the kitchen, the cottage gardens and several commissions of modern sculpture.

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Devonshire Collection Archives stored at Chatsworth House include 450 years of documents about the family and their two main estates.

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Chatsworth House is built on sloping ground, lower on the north and west sides than on the south and east sides.

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The 1st Duke's Chatsworth House was a key building in the development of English Baroque architecture.

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Chatsworth House converted the kitchen in the centre of the north front into an entrance hall, from which guests walked through an open colonnade in the courtyard, through a passage past the cook's bedroom and the back stairs, and into the Painted Hall.

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Chatsworth House then built a neoclassical service wing for his kitchens that was a forerunner of the 6th Duke's north wing.

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Chatsworth House was a great lover of books and purchased entire libraries.

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Chatsworth House has 126 rooms, with nearly 100 of them closed to visitors.

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Chatsworth House lived at Edensor until her death in 2014; the present Duke and Duchess live at Chatsworth.

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Stable block at Chatsworth is prominent on the rising ground to the north-east of the house.

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Chatsworth House extended the park about half a mile north to its present limits.

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Chatsworth House had the remaining cottages of Edensor inside the park demolished, apart from the home of one old man who did not wish to move, which still stands in isolation today.

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Chatsworth House Settlement has a range of sources of income in addition to agricultural rents.

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The Chatsworth House Farm Shop is a large enterprise employing over a hundred.

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The old kitchen garden at Barbrook on the edge of the park is let to the Caravan Club; a paddock at the south end of the park where bucks were fattened for Chatsworth House's table is a tenanted garden centre.

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Chatsworth House established Chatsworth Design to exploit intellectual property rights to the Devonshire collections, and a furniture company called Chatsworth Carpenters, but the latter has now been licensed to an American company.

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