13 Facts About Chevrolet Chevette


The Chevette was the best-selling small car in the US for model years 1979 and 1980.

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The Chevrolet Chevette was prompted by GM's Energy Task Force, which arose out of the crisis and the resultant shift in consumer demand to smaller, foreign vehicles boasting greater fuel efficiency.

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Chevrolet Chevette was officially launched on September 16,1975, in Washington, DC, just after new legislation-mandated Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.

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Chevrolet Chevette itself was initially available only as a two-door hatchback with a 1.

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The Chevrolet Chevette Woody featured simulated wood-grain siding and upgraded interior and exterior trim.

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The Pontiac T1000 was introduced in the spring of 1981 for both the US and Canadian markets, which shared all body stampings with the Chevrolet Chevette, featuring a chrome center with black-trimmed grille and headlight buckets, as well as standard chrome window trim with black area fill.

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General Motors of Canada's Pontiac Acadian, a rebadged Chevrolet Chevette, received all the T1000's Pontiac-exclusive features from this point on.

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In 1987, Chevrolet dropped the Chevette S model and the diesel engine option.

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Chevrolet Chevette was first launched by General Motors in 1973 as a two-door sedan.

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In 1983, the Chevrolet Chevette received a thorough facelift with rectangular headlights, with the turn signals located underneath the headlights, a flatter hood, and a single-piece grille.

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The Chevrolet Chevette was the number-one seller in Chile for some time, last in 1991.

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When catalytic converters were made a requirement in that country, GMB was unable to develop such an engine and the Chevrolet Chevette was withdrawn from the Chilean market after the 1992 model year.

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The regular Chevrolet Chevette was assembled in Uruguay, by General Motors Uruguaya.

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