56 Facts About General Motors

1. In 1979 AM General Motors designed the Humvee for the US Army as a military transport vehicle and incorporated Jeep's seven-slot grille.

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2. In 1931, General Motors acquired the Holden brand and it was this brand which has represented General Motors in Australia since 1948.

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3. General Motors began operating in South Africa in 1913 through its wholly owned subsidiary, General Motors South Africa.

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4. General Motors merged Hughes Aircraft with its Delco Electronics unit to form Hughes Electronics Corporation, an independent subsidiary.

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5. In 1985 General Motors purchased Hughes Aircraft and merged it with Delco Electronics to form Hughes Electronics Corporation, an independent subsidiary.

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6. General Motors was criticized for its presence in apartheid South Africa.

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7. In 1955, General Motors became the first American corporation to pay taxes of over $1 billion.

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8. General Motors ranked first among United States corporations in the value of wartime production contracts.

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9. General Motors was capitalized by William C Durant on September 16, 1908 as a holding company.

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10. In 2013, General Motors made the decision to remove the Opel brand from Australia due to poor sales.

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11. General Motors had a presence in New Zealand and the cars manufactured locally in this country were Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Vauxhall.

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12. General Motors settled out of court and he was awarded $425,000 in compensation.

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13. General Motors has become involved in raising awareness about breast cancer.

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14. General Motors prided themselves on producing cars to the highest standards.

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15. General Motors are the former owners of Vauxhall and Opel.

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16. General Motors was founded by William C Durant on September 16, 1908.

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17. General Motors is one of the biggest and most successful car manufacturers in the United States.

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18. General Motors was founded in 1908 by William C Durant.

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19. General Motors cuts back it European salaried workforce by 10 percent, or 1,500 jobs, as part of a restructuring of money-losing operations there.

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20. In 2000 General Motors enjoyed the best earnings year in the history of the company.

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21. General Motors offers its employees one of the most comprehensive benefits programs in the country.

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22. General Motors is one of the largest employers in the world.

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23. General Motors is the largest US exporter of cars and trucks and has manufacturing, assembly, or component operations in 50 countries.

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24. General Motors divides its business into seven global operating groups and major subsidiaries.

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25. General Motors is formed by the joining of the Oldsmobile and Buick companies.

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26. General Motors was thus formed, bringing together Oldsmobile and Buick, and joined in 1909 by Cadillac and Oakland.

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27. General Motors suffered greatly under the effects of the Depression, but it emerged with a new, aggressive management.

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28. General Motors was thus formed, bringing together Oldsmobile and Buick in 1903, and joined in 1909 by Cadillac and Oakland.

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29. General Motors suffered greatly under the effects of the Great Depression, but it emerged with a new, aggressive management.

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30. About the same time that General Motors was establishing itself in Detroit, an engineering breakthrough was taking place in Dayton, Ohio: the electric self-starter, designed by Charles F Kettering.

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31. General Motors became the sole owner of Saab Automobile AB in 2000.

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32. General Motors : announces closure of 7 factories around world.

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33. General Motors closing two plants in metro Detroit; thousands of jobs to be cut.

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34. General Motors closing two plants in metro Detroit; thousands of jobs to.

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35. General Motors ending production of six vehicles including Chevy Volt.

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36. General Motors will shut down three North American assembly plants and two other facilities, while eliminating 15 percent of its salaried and salaried contract workforce.

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37. General Motors has made an announcement that is going to bring considerable pain in the Rust Belt.

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38. General Motors is laying off thousands of workers and closing two US plants in Michigan and Ohio.

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39. General Motors will cut its salaried workforce by 15 percent, slashing 14,700 jobs in North America, the company announced Monday.

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40. General Motors is set to cease production at a plant in Lordstown next year as part of a plan to lay off 15 percent of salaried workers in North America, The Washington Post reports.

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41. General Motors has announced it will halt production at five North American facilities and cut 14,700 jobs as it deals with slowing sedan sales and the impact of Donald Trump's tariffs.

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42. General Motors set to cut workforce as slowing sales and steel tariffs bite.

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43. General Motors plans to close Canadian assembly plant: TV report.

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44. General Motors cutting nearly 14,000 workers in North America and putting five plants up for closure.

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45. General Motors announced a major restructuring in North America on Monday.

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46. General Motors has announced that it is building a prototype two-seat electric vehicle with Segway.

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47. General Motors was the first company to release an all-electric automobile.

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48. In 2011, General Motors invested $7.5 million in solar-panel provider Sunlogics, which will install solar panels on GM facilities.

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49. In 2008, General Motors committed to engineering half of its manufacturing plants to be landfill-free.

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50. In March 2016, General Motors bought Cruise Automation, a San Francisco self-driving vehicle start-up, to develop self-driving cars that could be used in ride-sharing fleets.

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51. In February 2018, General Motors had said to shut down one factory and then decide what lies ahead for the remaining three plants in South Korea during rising losses there.

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52. In 2010, General Motors ranked second on the list with 8.5 million units produced globally.

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53. On July 10, 2009, General Motors emerged from government backed Chapter 11 reorganization after an initial filing on June 8, 2009.

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54. In 2009, General Motors shed several brands, closing Saturn, Pontiac, and Hummer, and emerged from a government-backed Chapter 11 reorganization.

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55. General Motors acts in most countries outside the US via wholly owned subsidiaries, but operates in China through 10 joint ventures.

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56. General Motors employs 212,000 people and does business in more than 140 countries.

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