16 Facts About General Motors


General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

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General Motors implemented the pricing strategy used by all car companies today.

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General Motors acquired an interest in the Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company the same year, and its president, John D Hertz, joined the board of directors of GM; it acquired the remainder of the company in 1943.

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GM's Vauxhall General Motors manufactured the Churchill tank series for the Allies, instrumental in the North African campaign.

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General Motors used the mark as their main corporate identifier until 2021.

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In 2008, General Motors committed to engineering half of its manufacturing plants to be landfill-free.

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In March 2016, General Motors acquired Cruise, a San Francisco self-driving vehicle start-up, to develop self-driving cars that could be used in ride-sharing fleets.

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In December 2016, General Motors began testing self-driving vehicles on public roads in Michigan after Governor Rick Snyder signed bills legalizing the operation of autonomous vehicles.

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General Motors planned to release these vehicles by Q4 of 2019 as part of initiatives to build a controlled self-driving fleet.

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General Motors has launched the largest investment project in its home state of Michigan, announcing plans to invest $7 billion to convert a plant to produce electric cars and build a new battery plant.

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Besides that General Motors has announced investment of $154 million into its Western New York Lockport Components plant.

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General Motors began operating in South Africa in 1913 through its wholly owned subsidiary, General Motors South Africa, and was a market that briefly had its own local brand, Ranger.

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General Motors was the largest global automaker by annual vehicle sales for 77 consecutive years, from 1931, when it overtook Ford Motor Company, until 2008 when it was overtaken by Toyota.

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General Motors has a close relationship with the Nature Conservancy and has fundraised for and donated cash and vehicles to the charity.

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General Motors paid compensation for 124 deaths linked to the faulty switches.

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In 2020, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute accused at least 82 major brands, including General Motors, of being connected to forced Uyghur labor in Xinjiang.

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