22 Facts About Mexicali


Mexicali is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California.

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Mexicali is a regional economic and cultural hub for the border region of The Californias.

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Mexicali was founded at the turn of the 20th century, when the region's agricultural economy experienced a period of boom.

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Today, Mexicali is a major manufacturing center and an emerging tourist destination.

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The town of Mexicali was officially created on 14 March 1903 when Manuel Vizcarra was named as the town's first authority and Assistant Judge .

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Today Mexicali is an important center for maquiladora production in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, metallurgical, and health items as well as manufacturing and exporting products to various countries.

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Mexicali Valley is one of the largest and most fertile valleys in Mexico.

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The Mexicali Valley is a primary source of water for the region, which is the largest irrigation district in Mexico.

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Under the criteria for the Koppen climate classification, Mexicali maintains desert weather temperatures every year, receiving only 70.

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Mexicali's economy has been historically based on agricultural products, and they remain a large sector of the economy.

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Mexicali is home to many food processing plants such as Nestle, Jumex, Bimbo, Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, and Sabritas.

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Mexicali became the national center for the aerospace industry in Mexico when Rockwell Collins established an operation there in 1966.

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Mexicali relies on tourism as a medium to generate revenue, and visitors cross by foot or by car from Calexico, United States, every day.

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Recreation, Mexicali has bath halls, bowling alleys, traditional cantinas, car clubs, strip clubs, movie theaters, museums, a zoo, a convention center, supermarkets, and fast food restaurants for every choice of food.

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Residents of Mexicali call themselves "Cachanillas" and are from culturally diverse backgrounds.

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Mexicali has the Baja Prog festival, a series of progressive rock concerts that take place during four consecutive days in springtime.

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Mexicali has many sites visited by people from across the country, as well as by visitors from the U S and Canada, such as the bullfighting arena, Plaza Calafia, where one or two bullfights are held yearly.

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Mexicali has a professional 18-hole golf course, Club Campestre, where both national and international championships have taken place.

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The Bomberos de Mexicali were founded in 2010 and participated in the Pacific Coast Basketball Circuit, CIBACOPA.

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Mexicali was home to a 2006 American Basketball Association franchise, the Centinelas de Mexicali .

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The Centinelas de Mexicali are a professional team which plays in the North Sonora League, the main development league for the LMP.

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Mexicali is located at a Junction of major interstates and federal highways.

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