27 Facts About Christian Blanc


Christian Blanc was born on 17 May 1942 and is a French politician and businessman.


Christian Blanc was elected to the National Assembly from the UDF party in 2002.


Christian Blanc retired in 2012 from the National Assembly after two terms.


Christian Blanc is the son of Marcel Blanc, a member of the French Resistance and exotic fruits merchant.


Christian Blanc studied at the Lycee Montesquieu in Bordeaux before enrolling in SciencesPo Bordeaux.


Christian Blanc became one of the main leaders of the National Union of Students of France, where he met future Prime Minister Michel Rocard.


Active at the time in the University Antifascist Front for Peace in Algeria, Christian Blanc is subsequently invited by Fidel Castro to the Latin American Solidarity Conference in Cuba in the summer of 1967.


Closely associated with Michel Rocard, Christian Blanc ran his 1980 Presidential Campaign.


From 1981 to 1983, Christian Blanc was the chief of staff for European Commissioner Edgard Pisani.


Christian Blanc became secretary general of the New Caledonia region with Edgard Pisani, and was then appointed prefect of Seine-et-Marne.


Christian Blanc negotiated the Matignon Agreements, adopted by referendum in November 1988.


Christian Blanc resigned in 1992, following a spat with the government.


Christian Blanc was appointed CEO of Air France in 1993 and tasked with rescuing the company.


In 1997, Christian Blanc offered a new strategic plan to continue the restructuring of the company, only to clash with newly elected Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.


Between 1998 and 1999, Christian Blanc served as an advisor to the Lebanese carrier Middle East Airlines.


Between 1999 and 2001, Christian Blanc was the administrator of the Action Against Hunger.


In 2000, Christian Blanc was appointed president of Merrill Lynch France.


In September 2014, Christian Blanc was designated CEO of Syphax Airlines, a position he held for just two months because the Tunisian company had failed to go through the necessary administrative procedures allowing it to hire a foreign employee.


Christian Blanc began his political career as a member of future Prime Minister Michel Rocard's team in the 1970s, helping Rocard win election as mayor of Conflans-Sainte Honorine in 1977.


Christian Blanc was elected to the National Assembly to represent the third district of Yvelines on 15 December 2002, replacing Anne-Marie Idrac, who had stood down to become president of the RATP.


Six months later, Christian Blanc submitted an official report, entitled For an Ecosystem of Growth, whose recommendations included creating business clusters.


Christian Blanc was a supporter of the presidential candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2007 presidential election and became member of the New Center party during the legislative elections, in which he was re-elected in the first round.


Between 2002 and 2007, Christian Blanc served as president of Energies democrats and the founder of Energies 2007, movements which supported reforming the French state and pursuing further European integration.


On March 18,2008, Christian Blanc was appointed Secretary of State of the Region Capitale, a new position in the French Government of Francois Fillon.


In June 2010, after Christian Blanc dismissed his chief of staff, allegations regarding his tax situation appeared over the next eight days in France's Canard Enchaine newspaper.


Christian Blanc retook his seat in the National Assembly after leaving the government in August 2010 and declined to stand in the 2012 legislative elections.


On December 2,2011, the High Court of Paris found Christian Blanc to have acted in good faith in relation to the cigar affair and dismissed those charges against him.