27 Facts About Christine Blasey Ford

1. Christine Blasey Ford wrote: "I don't have all the answers, and I don't remember as much as I would like to.

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2. Christine Blasey Ford made the allegations in a letter that was sent to Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

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3. Christine Blasey Ford was born in 1967 in Maryland, USA which means she is 51 years of age.

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4. Christine Blasey Ford said there were four boys at the party but only two in the room.

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5. Christine Blasey Ford said she was able to escape when Kavanaugh's friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School, Mark Judge, jumped on top of them, sending all three tumbling.

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6. In the end, Christine Blasey Ford was perhaps fortunate that the entire circus ceased when it did.

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7. At the end of all things, Christine Blasey Ford remained scarcely knowledgeable about the location and time of the assault than she was months earlier in her original anonymous complaint.

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8. Christine Blasey Ford had told The Washington Post that when she was 15, she went to a party that Kavanaugh, then 17, attended.

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9. Christine Blasey Ford is a registered Democrat who has made small political contributions to Democratic organizations.

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10. Christine Blasey Ford told the Post that she did not tell anyone, including her husband, about the incident until 2012.

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11. In the session, Christine Blasey Ford described an attack during her high school years, although she did not name Kavanaugh explicitly.

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12. Christine Blasey Ford described Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, a second boy in the room, as "stumbling drunk" in her interview with the Post.

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13. Christine Blasey Ford is a professor and research psychologist in Northern California at Palo Alto University and the Stanford University PsyD Consortium, a clinical psychology program where she teaches statistics, research methods and psychometrics.

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14. Christine Blasey Ford teaches in a consortium with Stanford University and trains graduate students in clinical psychology.

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15. Christine Blasey Ford teaches psychology and statistics at Palo Alto University.

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16. Christine Blasey Ford has taught at Stanford since 1988 where she is a full professor.

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17. Christine Blasey Ford was a cheerleader, as described in the Scribe 1984 yearbook.

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18. Christine Blasey Ford said to The Washington Post, "I thought he might inadvertently kill me.

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19. Christine Blasey Ford is a professor at Palo Alto University and teaches in consortium with Stanford University.

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20. Christine Blasey Ford is set to testify today at a hearing unlike any in several decades.

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21. Christine Blasey Ford tells the newspaper she initially did not want to go public, but she.

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22. Christine Blasey Ford says she initially sent a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein about the incident when Kavanaugh's name was included on a shortlist for the Supreme Court.

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23. Christine Blasey Ford is no longer in the headlines, but she's still collecting cash through GoFundMe accounts set up by friends and fans who wanted to show their support for her attempt to derail Justice Brett M Kavanaugh's path to the Supreme Court.

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24. Christine Blasey Ford is a registered Democrat who has made small contributions to political organizations.

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25. As of November 2018, Christine Blasey Ford stated that she is still being harassed and threatened and has had to move four times.

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26. Christine Blasey Ford listed several persons who were present during the party including "Mark Judge, Patrick "PJ" Smyth, and her lifelong friend Leland Keyser".

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27. Christine Blasey Ford has written or co-written several books about psychological topics, including depression.

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