10 Facts About Cinderella Castle


Cinderella Castle is Cinderella's home fairy tale castle and the icon at the center of two Disney theme parks: the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Cinderella Castle was inspired by a variety of real and fictional palaces.

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Cinderella Castle was completed in July 1971, after about 18 months of construction.

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Cinderella Castle is more than 100 feet taller than Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

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Cinderella Castle is designed to reflect the late-Gothic, flamboyant style of the 1400s.

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Cinderella Castle is surrounded by a moat, which contains approximately 3.

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Cinderella Castle was designed so that it was tall enough to be seen from the Seven Seas Lagoon in front of the Magic Kingdom, where many guests took ferries from the parking lot to the gates of the park.

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Inside the upper levels of Cinderella Castle, there is a suite.

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Walt Disney Imagineers had originally wanted to give the restaurant a regal name, and since there are no well-known characters from "Cinderella Castle" that met their criteria, they instead took a little dramatic license and chose the name of Sleeping Beauty's father, King Stefan.

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At the lobby and corridor, guests will find eight murals showing how Cinderella Castle changed from beloved daughter, to servant girl, and then to Princess.

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