12 Facts About Citizenship


Citizenship is a relationship between an individual and a state to which the individual owes allegiance and in turn is entitled to its protection.

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Citizenship concept has generally been identified as a western phenomenon.

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Citizenship was contingent on a variety of biopolitical assemblages, such as the bioethics of emerging Theo-Philosophical traditions.

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Citizenship was not seen as a separate activity from the private life of the individual person, in the sense that there was not a distinction between public and private life.

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Citizenship meant having rights to have possessions, immunities, expectations, which were "available in many kinds and degrees, available or unavailable to many kinds of person for many kinds of reason".

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Citizenship became an idealized, almost abstract, concept, and did not signify a submissive relation with a lord or count, but rather indicated the bond between a person and the state in the rather abstract sense of having rights and duties.

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Citizenship was conferred only on males of German heritage who had completed military service, and could be revoked at any time by the state.

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Citizenship can be seen as a special elite status, and it can be seen as a democratizing force and something that everybody has; the concept can include both senses.

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Citizenship at this level is a secondary concept, with rights deriving from national citizenship.

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Concept of "Commonwealth Citizenship" has been in place ever since the establishment of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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The Canadian Citizenship Act of 1947 provided for a distinct Canadian Citizenship, automatically conferred upon most individuals born in Canada, with some exceptions, and defined the conditions under which one could become a naturalized citizen.

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Citizenship is offered as a General Certificate of Secondary Education course in many schools in the United Kingdom.

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