35 Facts About Claudia Leitte


Claudia Leitte rose to fame in late 2002 as the lead vocalist of the Axe music group Babado Novo.


Claudia Leitte embarked on a solo career and released her first solo album Ao Vivo em Copacabana, recorded live in front of a crowd of over a million people.


Claudia Leitte Cristina Leite Inacio was born in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro, to Ilna Leite and Claudio Inacio.


Claudia Leitte's family lived in Sao Paulo and were visiting Sao Goncalo at the time of her birth.


Claudia Leitte got her start working as a kids party entertainer.


Claudia Leitte would go to college in the morning and hit bars and festivals for small singing gigs at night.


At first, her family was not very supportive of her artistic desires, but eventually changed their minds after a period of financial crisis in which Claudia Leitte's job proved an essential figure to the family's income.


Claudia Leitte later got her entry in the industry as a backing vocal for local singer Nando Borges.


Claudia Leitte won a VMB award at the 2007 MTV Video Music Brasil for Hottie of the Year.


On 18 December 2007, Claudia Leitte released her solo debut single "Exttravasa".


Claudia Leitte released her debut solo album, titled Ao Vivo em Copacabana, on 4 July 2008.


Claudia Leitte signed an endorsement deal with AmBev to be the spokeswoman for soft drink Guarana Antarctica, and later, for SKY Brasil.


In February 2010, Claudia Leitte performed with Akon during that year's Salvador Summer Festival.


On 10 April 2010, Claudia Leitte entered the Guinness Book of World Records for promoting the biggest gathering of kissing people in history.


In that same month, Claudia Leitte headlined Miami's Brazilian Day at Bayfront Park, with an audience of over 320,000 people.


In May 2011, Claudia Leitte was invited by Walt Disney Pictures to voice the character of Carla Veloso, a racing car which Lightning McQueen meets along with Lewis Hamilton at the World Grand Prix opening party in the Brazilian Portuguese release of the motion picture Cars 2.


In September 2011, Claudia Leitte sang for the first time at the Rock in Rio music festival stage along with Rihanna, Katy Perry and Elton John.


In January 2012, Claudia Leitte signed a recording contract with Som Livre, ending her partnership with Sony Music, under which she had released one studio album.


Claudia Leitte released her intimate second live album promptly titled Negalora: Intimo, on 29 August 2012.


On 13 September 2012 Claudia Leitte redeemed her roots and released "Largadinho", the lead single of more of a mainstream record, which was a commercial success and spawned its own English version titled "Lazy Groove" and a new mix featuring Angolan singer Anselmo Ralph.


In late 2013, co-founder and CEO of Roc Nation Jay Brown took notice of Claudia Leitte and expressed interest in meeting her while in a trip to Africa.


Not long after, Claudia Leitte hopped on a plane and the meeting resulted in a deal with the label's management team with plans of launching her career overseas.


In February 2014, it was reported Claudia Leitte had been meeting with producers Shea Taylor, Timbaland, Kuk Harrell, Rob Persaud and Rodney Jerkins.


Claudia Leitte then began recording English-language songs for her announced crossover album while still touring across South America, writing and producing over 30 songs in that period.


Claudia Leitte was featured in a version of "La Luz", the main single for Juanes' sixth album Loco de Amor.


Claudia Leitte was approached by Pitbull and FIFA to represent Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup official song along with Jennifer Lopez.


In October 2014, Claudia Leitte announced that she chose not to renew her contract with Som Livre and revealed she was moving to Los Angeles to continue work on her new record.


On 26 December 2014, Claudia Leitte premiered the promotional single "Signs" in an emotional performance during The Voice Brasils third series finale, marking her first venture into the English-speaking market as a solo pop artist.


Claudia Leitte later released "Corazon" featuring Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee on 17 December 2015.


In January 2016, Claudia Leitte announced the release of her fifth fragrance, Chic, which ten months later was followed by her sixth one, titled Glam.


However, Claudia Leitte swapped roles with Sangalo and took her seat to serve as a coach during the third season of The Voice Kids, set to begin airing in January 2018.


That same month Claudia Leitte announced she would be releasing a new single, "Carnaval", featuring American rapper Pitbull, on 26 January 2018.


Claudia Leitte had a relationship with Jammil e uma Noites bandmember Manno Goes which ended after two years in 2005.


Claudia Leitte's first child, a boy named Davi Leite Inacio Pedreira, was born on 20 January 2009, in Salvador, Bahia, generating controversy after Leitte got back to work and performed in Carnival only a month after giving birth.


On 3 February 2019, Claudia Leitte announced she was pregnant with her third child, a girl named Bela.