14 Facts About Co-operative Party


Co-operative Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom, supporting co-operative values and principles.

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Since 1927, the Co-operative Party has had an electoral pact with the Labour Party, with both parties agreeing not to stand candidates against each other.

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The Co-operative Party is a legally separate entity from the Labour Party, and is registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission.

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Co-operative Party members are not permitted to be members of any other political party in the UK apart from the Labour Party or Northern Ireland's Social Democratic and Labour Party.

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Co-operative Party is de jure the fourth-largest party in the House of Commons with 25 Members of Parliament, although as all of its MPs sit in the Parliamentary Labour Party, this distinction is seldom made.

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Co-operative Party was formed in 1917 after being approved by the May Congress of the British co-operative movement held in Swansea.

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In 1938, a written constitution was adopted by the Co-operative Party which formalised links between the two parties, and in 1946 Co-operative candidates first stood in elections under the Labour Co-operative banner.

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The Co-operative Party seeks to advance its agenda through the Parliamentary Labour Party, with whom it shares common values.

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In 1945,23 Labour Co-operative MPs were elected and two held high office in the Labour government – Alexander and Alfred Barnes, who had been chair of the party.

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Co-operative Party is a membership organisation consisting of individual members as well as local, regional and national Co-operative Parties and affiliated co-operative societies and trade unions.

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In 2016 Community became the first trade union to affiliate to the Co-operative Party, followed in 2018 by the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers.

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Local structure of the Co-operative Party's is based on autonomous units known as Society Co-operative Parties, which operate in a similar way to Constituency Labour Parties.

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The Society Co-operative Party is overseen by a party council made up of delegates from branches and the supporting co-operative society.

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Co-operative Party is represented in all tiers of local government by local councillors who stand as Labour and Co-operative.

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