22 Facts About Conor Burns

1. Conor Burns was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland between 2010 and 2012, before resigning from the Government due to his opposition to the House of Lords Reform Bill 2012.

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2. Conor Burns served as PPS to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, until his resignation in 2018.

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3. Conor Burns resigned in 2020, after a Standards Committee inquiry found he had made "veiled threats" to use privilege to "further his family's interests" during a financial dispute involving his father.

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4. Conor Burns was appointed Minister of State for Northern Ireland during the 2021 cabinet reshuffle.

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5. Conor Burns was made Minister of State for International Trade in the Truss ministry in September 2022.

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6. Conor Burns was born on 24 September 1972 in Belfast, before moving with his family to Hertfordshire in 1980.

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7. Conor Burns was privately educated at St Columba's College, St Albans and read Modern History and Politics at the University of Southampton.

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8. Conor Burns held a number of jobs in the communications and finance sectors, most recently as an associate director of the public affairs company PLMR.

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9. Conor Burns stood unsuccessfully as the Conservative candidate in the Peartree ward of Southampton City Council in 1994 and the Woolston ward in 1995.

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10. Conor Burns was the vice-president of the Young Britons' Foundation, an Anglo-American conservative training and education organisation, before the 2010 general election.

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11. Conor Burns went on to be awarded the Young Britons' Foundation Golden Dolphin award "for his stoic support for the Young Britons' Foundation since its creation in 2003".

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12. Conor Burns was a member of the A-List of candidates and was selected in September 2008 as the Conservative Party candidate for Bournemouth West.

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13. Conor Burns was elected to the Conservative-held seat in the 2010 general election with a majority of 5,583.

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14. Conor Burns was re-elected at the 2015 general election, 2017 general election and 2019 general election.

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15. In 2014, Conor Burns referred the charity Oxfam to the Charity Commission, stating that a tweet from the charity was "overtly political".

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16. Conor Burns is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bahrain, and has written articles defending the Kingdom's human rights record.

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17. Conor Burns said that, rather than being a pre-planned party, Johnson was "ambushed with a cake".

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18. Conor Burns was outspoken in calling on former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to grant asylum to young gay Iranian student Mehdi Kazemi.

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19. Strong Eurosceptic, Conor Burns was critical of the electoral system used to choose and rank Conservative candidates to run on lists to be Members of the European Parliament and the impact of UK Independence Party candidates in denying victory to Conservative candidates.

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20. Conor Burns is openly gay and stated he needed "cast iron guarantees" that religious organisations would not be forced into conducting same-sex marriages before he voted for the Marriage Act 2013.

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21. Conor Burns voted in favour of the bill at its second reading, but did not vote at its third and final reading.

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22. Conor Burns is a keen snooker fan, and was previously chair of the All-Party Parliamentary snooker group.

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