31 Facts About D-Lo Brown


D-Lo Brown is best known for his time in Impact Wrestling and WWE.

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D-Lo Brown then wrestled Earthquake in the WWF in 1994 under his given name as a jobber.

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D-Lo Brown's first televised match as a member of the Nation was on the April 26,1997 episode of Shotgun Saturday Night, as he, Crush, and Savio Vega defeated Aldo Montoya, Steve Corino, and Freddie Joe Floyd.

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D-Lo Brown's career peaked when he held the European and Intercontinental Championships simultaneously during a feud with Jeff Jarrett and Mark Henry.

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D-Lo Brown was involved in inadvertently ending the career of Droz on October 5,1999 when a running powerbomb was botched due to Droz' baggy shirt.

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D-Lo Brown said the accident caused him to "wrestle differently" and to second guess every move he performed in the ring from that day forward.

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Drozdov has maintained that he does not blame D-Lo Brown for his injuries and he believes that the incident was an accident.

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D-Lo Brown then formed a tag team in July 2000 with Chaz named Lo Down.

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Notably, D-Lo Brown wrestled future World champion Batista in a losing effort.

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D-Lo Brown spent six months in Puerto Rico wrestling for the International Wrestling Association teaming with Glamour Boy Shane holding the IWA tag team titles.

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D-Lo Brown returned to television on the April 28,2002 episode of Heat, losing to Eddie Guerrero.

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D-Lo Brown faced Booker T in a losing effort on the February 10,2003 episode of Raw.

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D-Lo Brown was then released from his WWE contract on February 14,2003.

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Connor, still under the D'Lo D-Lo Brown name, Joined NWA Total Nonstop Action in March 2003.

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D-Lo Brown Joined All Japan Pro Wrestling, competing in regular tours with the Japanese company as a member of Roughly Obsess and Destroy.

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In 2008, D-Lo Brown began wrestling in a number of dark matches for WWE.

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D-Lo Brown made his television return on the July 21,2008 edition of Raw, defeating Santino Marella.

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D-Lo Brown was defeated by Nigel McGuinness in an ROH World Championship match.

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D-Lo Brown wrestled at the ROH 7th Anniversary Show on March 21,2009 in Manhattan, defeating Jay Briscoe.

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D-Lo Brown made a surprise appearance in Chikara, where he filled in as a substitute for Iceberg of The Cold Front at the 2009 King of Trios tournament.

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D-Lo Brown came up short in an ROH World Championship match at Take No Prisoners.

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Outside of the tournament D-Lo Brown was undefeated in six-man tag team competition, adding Keith Walker to the team, including a victory over Noah founder Mitsuharu Misawa in one of his last matches.

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Also on this edition of Between The Ropes, D-Lo Brown announced he would become a semi-regular co-host when his TNA scheduling allowed him to be in studio.

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D-Lo Brown appeared for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on May 18,2013 with D O C and Knux.

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Three days later, D-Lo Brown was eliminated by Kanemaru in his first round match in the Odo Tournament.

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D-Lo Brown formerly held a weekly class on Friday for "Future Stars of Wrestling" training center in Las Vegas.

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On July 3,2019, D-Lo Brown announced that he had returned to Impact Wrestling with a multi-year contract as a producer.

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In January 2021, it was announced that D-Lo Brown would be one half of Impact's new announce team with Matt Striker from Hard to Kill onward.

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The reunion would later be a one-off, as D-Lo Brown continued to his Talent Relations role backstage and makes occasional appearances thereafter.

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D-Lo Brown worked as a Certified Public Accountant before he began his wrestling career.

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D-Lo Brown is a fan of the Chicago Bears and Liverpool FC.

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