11 Facts About Dalston


Dalston is an area of North East London, in the London Borough of Hackney small part being in the London Borough of Islington.

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Dalston began as a hamlet on either side of Dalston Lane, and as the area urbanised the term came to apply to surrounding areas including Kingsland and Shacklewell, all three of which being part of the Ancient Parish of Hackney.

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Dalston has never been an administrative unit, and partly for this reason the boundaries are not formally defined.

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Dalston's boundaries are described with more or less precision below:.

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Name Dalston is thought to have derived from Deorlaf's tun in much the same way as nearby Hoxton was named after the farm of "Hoch".

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The Dalston Theatre was demolished in February 2007, despite an active local campaign to save it.

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Dalston was a hub for 1970s and 1980s pub rock venues but these are largely defunct.

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Contemporary Dalston is a lively neighbourhood with an ethnically varied population.

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Dalston has attracted immigrants for over 100 years; at the turn of the century it was a popular area for newly arrived Jewish people from central Europe.

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Dalston is on the London Overground network, served by three stations:.

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Dalston Junction is the busiest station of the three, with 5.

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