11 Facts About East London


East London refers to the part of London, England, east of the ancient City of London and north of the River Thames.

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East End of London is the historic core of east London, traditionally consisting of areas close to the City of London on the western, Middlesex side of the River Lea, although the term "East End" is often used more loosely.

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The Eastern Postal District is a different subset of East London; and there is an "East" sub-region used by the Greater London Authority for planning policy reporting purposes.

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East London is generally the lowest elevated of London's four cardinal points because of the wide Thames that runs here; the only hills here are in northern areas distant from the river in the boroughs of Havering, Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

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East End, the old core of modern East London, began with the medieval growth of London beyond the city walls, along the Roman roads leading from Bishopsgate and Aldgate, and along the river.

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The East End was the urbanised part of an area called the Tower Division, which had owed military service to the Tower of London since time immemorial.

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Until about 1700, East London did not extend far beyond the walled boundaries of the City of East London.

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The concept of East London as a distinct area is a relatively recent innovation.

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John Strype's map of 1720 describes East London as consisting of four parts: The City of East London, Westminster, Southwark and "That Part Beyond the Tower".

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City and West London are connected to South London by more than thirty bridges, but East London is only connected by Tower Bridge at its innermost edge.

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East London Docklands was defined in the 1980s as the area of redevelopment under the control of the East London Docklands Development Corporation.

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