26 Facts About Damian Green

1. Damian Green was promoted to Minister for the Cabinet Office.

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2. Damian Green was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions by Theresa May in July 2016.

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3. Damian Green spoke on the environment from 1999 and was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet by Iain Duncan Smith in 2001 as the Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Skills.

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4. Damian Green made his maiden speech on 20 May 1997.

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5. Damian Green stood against Labour's Ken Livingstone in Brent East at the 1992 general election, but lost by 5,971 votes.

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6. Damian Green left 10 Downing Street in 1994 to run his own consultancy in public affairs.

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7. Damian Green became the City editor and a television presenter on Channel 4's Business Daily television programme in 1987 until he left television to join Prime Minister John Major's Policy Unit in 1992.

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8. Damian Green joined The Times for a year in 1984 as the business news editor before returning to television journalism and Channel 4 as the business editor in 1985.

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9. Damian Green was President of the Oxford Union in 1977 and was the vice-chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students from 1980 until 1982.

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10. Damian Green was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions by Prime Minister Theresa May in July 2016.

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11. Damian Green served in several shadow ministerial positions, including Transport Secretary and Immigration Minister.

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12. Damian Green initially injured the toe in the first He'll be in JB's ear, and [Damian Jones], he'll be very helpful, and hopefully this injury won't last too long and he'll be back soon.

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13. Damian Green ignored him and went dribbling up the court go away from a veteran center rotation and turn things over to the three youngsters: Jordan Bell, Damian Jones and Kevon Looney.

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14. Damian Green spoke to media members after Warriors shootaround on Monday afternoon about his return to.

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15. Damian Green initially injured the toe in the first half of Draymond will be, I'm sure, helping all the young guys out tomorrow.

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16. On 20 December 2017, Damian Green was removed from his position; it was found that he had lied to colleagues over pornography found on his computer.

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17. Damian Green said that the claims made by the retired Bob Quick were "political smears".

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18. Damian Green denied that he downloaded or looked at such images.

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19. Damian Green was opposed to Brexit prior to the 2016 EU membership referendum.

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20. Damian Green is an advocate of allowing illegal immigrants to return to the UK sooner.

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21. Damian Green was arrested by the Metropolitan Police at his constituency home on 27 November 2008 on suspicion of "aiding and abetting misconduct in public office" and "conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office".

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22. Damian Green has regularly claimed expenses up to the maximum of £400 for food.

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23. Damian Green is Chairman of Parliamentary Mainstream, a vice-president of the Tory Reform Group and is a vice-chairman of the John Smith Memorial Trust.

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24. Damian Green held the seat with a majority of 5,345 and has remained the constituency's MP.

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25. Damian Green had acted as an occasional speechwriter for Major since 1988.

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26. Damian Green entered Parliament in the 1997 election by winning the seat of Ashford in Kent.

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