36 Facts About Damian Lillard

1. Damian Lillard started playing basketball while studying in high school and college.

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2. Damian Lillard picks Trey Burke's pocket and takes it all the way with just 2 seconds left in the first half.

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3. Damian Lillard comes down the lane and throws down a one-handed jam.

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4. Damian Lillard starts the fast break and flips it to Maurice Harkless for the easy slam.

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5. Damian Lillard leads the Trail Blazers to victory over the Magic with 41 points, including 10 triples, a franchise record.

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6. Damian Lillard has celebrated the total number of 28 birthdays till date.

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7. Damian Lillard is a 6 ft 3 in point guard from Oakland, California who played collegiately at Weber State University.

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8. Damian Lillard made a bit of history on Wednesday night at home for the Portland Trail Blazers against the Orlando Magic.

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9. Damian Lillard sets Blazers record for three-pointers in just 3 quarters.

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10. Damian Lillard set multiple personal and franchise records, and Stotts earned his 400th win as an NBA coach.

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11. Damian Lillard weaved his way through a sea of blue jerseys, finding just enough daylight to get off a one-legged floater before the Orlando Magic converged on him yet again.

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12. Damian Lillard broke the franchise record of nine made 3-pointers in a game he co-held with Nicolas Batum.

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13. Damian Lillard surpassed the previous Portland record of nine threes he shared with Nicolas Batum.

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14. Damian Lillard had the dagger bucket with under a minute to keep Portland in the lead.

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15. Damian Lillard caught fire on Wednesday night, setting a career high and franchise record with 10 3-pointers in a win over the Magic.

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16. Damian Lillard surpassed the previous Portland record of nine 3s that he shared with Nicolas Batum.

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17. Damian Lillard was a big emphasis in Coach Clifford's pregame media availability.

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18. Damian Lillard went 10-of-15 from long distance and finished with a game-high 41 points.

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19. Damian Lillard finished with 41 points after going 10-for-15 from deep.

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20. In 2017, Damian Lillard signed a sponsorship deal with Powerade, a subsidiary of the Coca Cola Company.

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21. Damian Lillard has a signature shoe line with Adidas, the "Adidas Dame".

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22. In 2014, Damian Lillard negotiated a new contract with Adidas potentially worth $100 million over 10 years.

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23. In 2012, Damian Lillard signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Adidas.

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24. Damian Lillard wears the jersey number No 0, representative for the letter 'O' and his journey in life; from Oakland, to Ogden, and now Oregon.

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25. Damian Lillard amassed a team-record 695 points in the Blazers' first 25 games of the season, eclipsing Clyde Drexler's previous mark of 681 in 1988.

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26. Damian Lillard became the third Blazer to average 25-plus points, joining Drexler and Kiki Vandeweghe.

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27. On July 9, 2015, Damian Lillard signed a five-year, $120 million contract extension with the Trail Blazers.

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28. On February 8, 2015, Damian Lillard was selected as a replacement for the injured Blake Griffin in the 2015 NBA All-Star Game.

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29. Damian Lillard was selected with the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft by the Portland Trail Blazers.

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30. Damian Lillard led the Big Sky in scoring with 19.7 points per game before his injury sidelined him for the year.

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31. Damian Lillard was not heavily recruited out of high school and only regarded as a two-star prospect by Rivals.

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32. Damian Lillard played for coach Orlando Watkins at Oakland High School his final two years of high school where he was first team all-league.

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33. Damian Lillard called out Blazers president for cash considerations tweet after 2017 trade.

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34. Damian Lillard helps the Blazers pull away with the win against the Pelicans.

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35. Damian Lillard is dazzling the NBA with his early-season play, and today he earned the headline spot in ESPN analyst Zach Lowe's "10 Things I Like" column.

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36. Damian Lillard is getting to the hoop, getting fouled, and getting paid.

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