12 Facts About Datapoint


Datapoint Corporation, originally known as Computer Terminal Corporation, was a computer company based in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

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Datapoint began development on the Datapoint 2200, its most popular product and credited by some historians as the invention of the personal computer.

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Datapoint continued to produce processors that went into the Datapoint 6600 around 1982 and later series.

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Datapoint 2200 became so popular that CTC later changed its name to Datapoint Corp.

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Datapoint then raised an additional $8 million via a third Wall Street-backed public offering, with a plan to raise sales from $18M to $100M within five years.

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Proprietary operating systems included DOS and RMS, and Datapoint later moved its hardware to be based on Intel 386 CPUs.

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Datapoint developed and patented one of the earliest picture-in-picture implementations of videoconferencing called MINX.

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Lead times were extending rapidly as demand for Datapoint products increased, leading to delivery delays and unhappy customers.

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Datapoint's board rejected the offer but began inviting takeover proposals from other interested parties.

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Edelman then withdrew his bid, and began directly seeking shareholders' consent to oust Datapoint's board, replace them with his own designees and then sell the company to a third party or parties; his business takeover pattern deployed in other companies.

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In February 1985, Datapoint reported its predicted increased loss for the last quarter 1984, of $15.

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In December 1999, all of Datapoint's patented video communications technologies, along with all inventory and assets associated with the video business group was sold to one of its resellers, VUGATE.

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