6 Facts About Dave Lee Travis

1. On 28 March 2014, it was reported that Dave Lee Travis would face another charge of indecent assault as well as the retrial on the two outstanding counts.

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2. On 15 November 2012, Dave Lee Travis was arrested at his home by the Metropolitan Police as part of the Operation Yewtree inquiry.

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3. In 2007, Dave Lee Travis appeared in the video for the Comic Relief version of the Proclaimers song "I'm Gonna Be", performed by Peter Kay and Matt Lucas.

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4. On 8 August 1993, Dave Lee Travis resigned on-air during his Sunday morning show, stating that he could not agree with changes that were being made to Radio 1.

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5. In January 1981, Dave Lee Travis moved to weekday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30pm.

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6. On his return to the UK, Dave Lee Travis returned to the north of England and continued to promote his own shows in Blackpool, Bury and the surrounding areas.

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