19 Facts About David Alan Grier

1. David Alan Grier was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Aretas Ruth, a schoolteacher, and William Henry Grier, a psychiatrist and writer.

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2. David Alan Grier starts out talking about growing up in Detroit and not being.

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3. David Alan Grier is well known as being a principle cast member of the acclaimed television series ?In Living Color,? where he helped to create some of that show's most memorable characters, and as a co-star on Bonnie.

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4. David Alan Grier was able to showcase his skills in the 1994 film Blankman as his character, Kevin Walker, "The Other Guy", was shown to be particularly adept in martial arts.

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5. On the August 10, 2009, episode of Loveline, David Alan Grier agreed to auction it to aid Bryan Bishop's Tumor Fund, but walked off set while Carolla and the audio engineer bickered on air.

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6. David Alan Grier appeared in an episode of Clean House along with his brother and his brother's family.

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7. In 2008 David Alan Grier starred in the Comedy Central TV series Chocolate News which had satirical sketches about current events and news stories.

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8. David Alan Grier has made many guest appearances on the Adam Carolla Show, usually to plug his improv performances.

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9. David Alan Grier's supposed last appearance on Loveline was April 16, 2006.

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10. David Alan Grier received his second Tony Award nomination for his role.

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11. David Alan Grier appeared as Sugar Bear in the 2009 movie Dance Flick.

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12. In 2002, David Alan Grier joined the cast of the improv-based ABC sitcom and Bonnie Hunt vehicle Life with Bonnie which ran only two seasons.

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13. David Alan Grier returned to Broadway to perform in the musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

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14. David Alan Grier had a cameo in the Robert De Niro and Edward Burns movie 15 Minutes as a Central Park mugger.

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15. David Alan Grier became a popular cast member through his characters, which ranged from hyperactive children to crotchety old men.

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16. David Alan Grier made his film debut in 1983 in Streamers, directed by Robert Altman.

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17. David Alan Grier got his start on the National Public Radio radio drama adaptation of Star Wars in 1981.

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18. Immediately after graduating from Yale, David Alan Grier landed the role of Jackie Robinson in the short-lived Broadway musical The First, directed by Martin Charnin and written by Joel Siegel.

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19. David Alan Grier is an American actor and comedian.

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